printing concern

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a company that does commercial printing

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The company operated as the most prominent lithographic and printing concern in the history of San Francisco's impressive printing industry and came to be recognized throughout the world for its manufacturing quality and customer service.
It also features an FAQ section, created and monitored by the knowledgeable MAX staff, providing information and tips on common printing concerns including registry, print quality and web turnbar issues.
Brother and GCE have also ensured 24 hour x 7 days technical support through the deployment of two engineers who will attend to the agency's printing concerns.
129 Lafayette, once home to the city's most prominent printing concerns, has recently undergone extensive renovations and now houses 27 sleekly modern, light-filled lofts, 80% of which have been sold.
Judy is a self-employed saleswoman for several printing concerns.
Print Manager Plus is the only complete, easy to use, low cost solution to all of a manager's or department head's printing concerns," said Bill Feeley, CEO of Software Shelf International.
These tools can help to manage tasks for departments with secure printing concerns or organizations seeking to monitor printer use and costs.
Once the software is finalized, MyPrint intends to offer the solution to other print on demand and printing concerns.
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