printed circuit

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computer circuit consisting of an electronic sub-assembly

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What's more, the HDI Printed Circuit Board industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed.
35 mm pitch 1,000+ pin printed circuit boards of large number of layers are high-precision laminating technologies, which minimize layer-to-layer registration offsets to within 40 m, and high-precision drilling technologies, which use systems for adjusting via hole positions down to the micron level and optimize drill shape and drilling process steps.
Since launching its printed circuit board business in 1970, Tanaka Kikinzoku has earned the trust of numerous customers by achieving high quality and reliability in various areas, including large, multilayer boards supplied to the aerospace industry.
Since 1989, Advanced Circuits has been a leading printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in engineering prototypes and quickturn production boards with the industry's best on-time shipping record.
Titan's Electronics and Homeland Security division specializes in advanced manufacturing processes to provide commercial production runs and quick-turn delivery of printed circuit board prototypes for high-margin markets including Homeland Security and high-tech clients.
Several iNEMI Technology Integration Groups (TIGs) will hold "gap analysis" meetings at the Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and Designers Summit.
company incorporated in 1998, delivers advanced software solutions for package physical design and for analyzing power and signal integrity in chips, packages and printed circuit boards.
Since 1998, he has authored a column on PCB technology in CircuiTree Magazine and has written most of the HDI-Microvia chapters in printed circuit handbooks like Coomb's "PC Handbook," Ross's "A Comprehensive Guide To The Design and Manufacture of Printed Assemblies" and Puttlitz's "The Area Array Interconnection Handbook.
Eltek is Israel's leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards, the core circuitry of most electronic devices.
The European electronic manufacturing industry is witnessing a rise in demand for printed circuit board (PCB) automatic test equipment (ATE) to identify defects in electronic assemblies.
The Company also operates Titan PCB, a well-known manufacturer of printed circuit boards with facilities in California and Massachusetts.
Chance will also discuss the Company's high-margin operations in the manufacture of advanced printed circuit board products for specialized homeland security, military and industrial applications.
The commitment of our California team to optimize the performance of Titan PCB West repositioned our printed circuit board business unit and led to the rapid operational and financial improvements in our last fiscal year," said Bryan Chance, President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Global Holdings, Inc.
XJRunner is designed to speed up the testing of densely-populated printed circuit boards - particularly those with JTAG devices such as ball grid array (BGA), chip scale devices, and other high-density packages, which cannot be tested by traditional methods.
Advanced Circuits, the country's leading source for quickturn printed circuit boards, today announced its "SAME-DAY" and "WEEKEND WONDERS" printed circuit board (PCB) turn-time services, satisfying the needs of customers with 24-hour, next business day delivery requirements.