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dress very carefully and in a finicky manner

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WASHINGTON -- Once the discount drug card portion of the Medicare drug benefit goes into effect, expect your Medicare patients to come in with lots of questions, but don't expect to have a lot of answers, Hal Prink said at a meeting on the Medicare prescription drug law.
14) But it is dead, and you now, guiltless, sink To rest in lobbies, or pace gardens where The slow god crumbles and the fountains prink, Nor heed the criminal king, who paints the air With discoursed madness and protruding eye, Nor give the alarm, nor ask tonight where sleeps That head which hooped the jewel Fidelity, But like an old melon now, in the dank ditch, seeps; But you crack nuts, while the conscience-stricken stare Kisses the terror; for you see an empty chair.
Prink, Department of Health, Toronto, "Medical Report on Hon.
Happy holidays to Dick Hespos, Pat Ryan, Christine Whittemore, and Kaleen McCabe, who keep the officers functioning efficiently; to Mark Mandelbaum, Jim Maurer, Bernie Rous, Tom Lambert, and Karen Frenkel in Publications; to Pegotty Cooper, Jennifer Prink, and Marcela Brathwaite who make so many of the conferences work; to Judy Hughes and Cynthia Rose in Information Systems; to Jim Adams, Lillian Israel, and Barbara Young who make member services deliver the goods; and to Mike Lichtenstein, Russ Harris, Danny Choy, and Linda Terry--the people in accounting who always get mentioned last, but without whose work ACM could not function.
30, at Sunset Hills Funeral Home in Eugene for Laurence "Larry" Prink, 68, of South Beach, formerly of Eugene, who died Oct.
Closkwise from above: Crystal tie-waist cardigan (pounds 50) from Monsoon; Cuban prink silk skirt (pounds 99)from Marks & Spencer; Keira Knightley; Water voles are in decline, with the American Mink posing the biggest threat
Dishes include tian of Cornish crab with guacamole and prink grapefruit, or smoked salmon and leek croustade for starters; while for mains there choices include grilled sole with brown shrimp, caper and cucumber buerre noisette, chargrilled sirloin of beef with pomme chateau, or a delicious provencal vegetable risotto with parmesan to keep the veggie diners happy.
Survivors include his wife; a son, Daniel Prink of Reno, Nev.
Dinah wears: Floral prink wrap dress, pounds 50, Daisy Chain.
Prink - Laurence "Larry" Prink, 68, of South Beach, formerly of Eugene, died Oct.
Prink Callison was in his second year as the Oregon coach, and had led his team to a 6-3-1 record in 1932.
These were photographs that appeared to show battle scenes from the siege of Sevastopol, soldiers in action, guns blazing, and all the now-familiar images of full-scale warfare--images that had hitherto been restricted to the paintings and prinks of artists like William Simpson, semi-official artist of the war.