principle of parsimony

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the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly

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The principle of the best in conjunction with the principle of parsimony establishes an economy of creation, guaranteeing the highest order and the greatest rational accessibility.
He applied the venerable principle of parsimony to the arguments of bis adversaries, one and all, so single-mindedly that the principle came to be associated with him and came to be called Ockham's razor.
However, one might dismiss this particular speculation on the part of the author by looking at the psychological literature on mass behavior and then invoking the principle of parsimony.
Such redundance works against the principle of parsimony in note taking.
There is a plausible principle of parsimony which states that one should not admit any entities into one's theory that lack explanatory power.
Kant himself seems to have been ambivalent about the wishful-thinking argument and to have elsewhere inclined to the more moderate conclusion that the principle of parsimony is merely regulative.
We must rely on the principle of parsimony here to support the hypothesis that fog basking has evolved twice.
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