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Her upcoming book, Jim Crow's Pink Slip: Public Policy and the Near Decimation of Black Educational Leadership After Brown, will examine the cultural and social implications of educational policy as it relates to race equity and the principalship.
processes which affect nation states and produce policy mediation, which in turn have a direct impact on the management and principalship of educational institutions" (p.
While Fullan's book is primarily focused on the principalship from a public school perspective, the tenets provided are equally applicable to parochial school princpalships.
The chapter on her principalship is the longest and best in the book.
Women who aspire for principalship might encounter obstacles such as: lack of encouragement; myths about women's work; sex stereotyping; lack of aspiration; role conflict; low self-esteem; family responsibilities; lack of mobility; and hiring and promoting practices.
To address these issues, states need to develop policies around conditions that support the pipeline: (1) The right work: The principalship must be designed as an attractive job that challenges and rewards capable people; (2) The right people: States must draw the most talented prospects to the field; and (3) The right places: The best, most determined leaders should have incentives to take on the most challenged schools.
In North America, Edinger and Murphy (1995), in their investigation of rural principalship in British Columbia, found that 'the most important role of a contemporary rural principal was to establish and to nurture a climate in a school that was conducive to learning' (p.
Do elementary school principals' technological leadership behavior regarding the supply and use of educational technologies in their schools differ significantly with respect to their gender, their branches, their level of education, their experience in school principalship, their participation in trainings on educational technologies and their use of these technologies and their evaluation of their proficiency in educational technology use?
During his eight year Principalship at Gorseinon Estyn has rated the College as outstanding in all key questions.
Schools in Kerry, Clare and Galway have recently advertised principalship vacancies for the third time.
The Danforth principalship preparation program had as a primary assumption that effective leadership is dependent on talented people and a fundamental goal of increasing the representation of minorities and women in the principalship.
The then Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (ALAS), under the Principalship of Peter Ucko and Deputy-Principalship of Bob Edwards, had acquired what was at the time quite a princely sum to record sacred sites.
In addition, he has four education certifications for the states of New Mexico and Arizona in teaching, instructional leadership, principalship, and administration.