principal investigator

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the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project


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UK principal investigator - Dr Helen Bao, University of Cambridge
The principal investigator was available to ILP staff to participate in planning meetings as well as to respond to a variety of requests from individual staff relevant to employment services planning.
Ischemic heart disease: Duke University Medical Center, David Pryor, MD, principal investigator.
Hamilton, also a principal investigator of the VA study, notes that early zidovudine provides no survival benefit, remains costly and can trigger severe side effects such as nausea and vomiting.
and 2) the principal investigator (center director) should provide a minimum 20% time commitment (direct and in-kind), and each member of the internal advisory committee (one exploratory, prevention/intervention, and translation project investigator) should provide a minimum of 5% time commitment for the Construction Center's administration and coordination.
Principal Investigator Advisor addresses important measures researchers can adhere to in order to not damage their career or lab environment in the March issue article "Lab Romance Requires Careful Attention to Workplace Dynamics, Myriad Rules and Regulations".
Among the issues that should be addressed are 1) how the institution will distribute credit for direct (and indirect) costs to reflect the contributions of different components, 2) how the institution will recognize the contributions of the research team beyond the principal investigator, and 3) how the institution attends to the careers of "interstitial" team members, who play important roles in interdisciplinary research but are not tenure-track or eligible/appropriate to be principal investigators on research grants.
A new monthly online newsletter, Principal Investigator Advisor, helps leading scientists in every field improve the managerial and administrative aspects of their research projects.
Altman, a Stanford associate professor of genetics and medicine who is the principal investigator in charge of the database, is a compilation of two dozen variations in transporter genes involved in the metabolism of medicines, submitted by a team at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
I am delighted with the extraordinary quality and ground-breaking approaches to interdisciplinary research by these five winning teams," said Robert John Russell, STARS Principal Investigator and the Ian G.
Carlos Pereira, the ARDEC Advanced Precision Concepts Branch Chief and Principal Investigator said, "We are pleased to work with mPhase to explore new ways to bring advantages to the U.
Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas David Johnson, principal investigator
The major adverse event (MAE) rate was equivalent to conventional balloon angioplasty treatment at its six-month follow-up point, as reported by the trial's national principal investigator today.
FACP, FASN, who is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York, will act as Coordinating Principal Investigator during the trial.
This is the first large-scale study in patients that tests whether reducing inflammation can actually be used to treat diabetes," says principal investigator Steven E.
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