principal axis

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a line that passes through the center of curvature of a lens so that light is neither reflected nor refracted


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In the fourth principal axis, the loads of slope position (SPO) and slope gradient (SGR) were high and are considered as topographical factors (Table III).
The principal axis of the orientation is constant in the vertical scans because of the chosen path (along the central axis through the embossment).
Tree Organ Traits Shaft Shaft shape Height of bifurcation Principal axis dominance Branch insertion angle Un-bark degree Shaft diameter to the breast height Total height Commercial height Trunk base area Shaft total volume Shaft commercial volume Crown Crown diameter Crown shape Leaf Edge shape Adaxial color Abaxial color Pubescence Leaf length Leaf shape Leaf width Leaf texture Venation pattern Tree Organ Classes/Scales Shaft Straight (1), curved (2), very curved (3) 1/3 upper (1), 1/3 middle (2), 1/3 bottom (3) Total (1), partial (2), null (3) 0 to 30[degrees] (1), 30 to 60[degrees] (2), 60 to 90[degrees] (3) High (1), low (2) cm m m [m.
1) the standard form equation of the quadric f (x',y',z') = 0 uses the canonical coordinate system X' and principal axis,
When a point has a large contribution, at a large principal coordinate at a major principal axis, it is called an outlier.
When Hitler learned that Stalin's Palace of the Soviets in Moscow (designed by Iofan to be the tallest building in the world) was to contain a domed hall 160m in diameter, he asked Albert Speer to design a bigger Great Hall to stand at the end of the principal axis in the future Germania, the rebuilt Berlin.
Two subscales, ethnic socialisation and racial socialisation, were identified through principal axis factor analysis.
The attitude of the trunk segment was determined from the principal axis using the point cluster technique (Chaudhari et al.
Walls (2004) conducted a principal axis factor analysis of Quest items and examined the relationships of the resulting three factors to personality dimensions of the NEO-FFI in a sample of university students.
Its principal axis consists of two pieces with the same title, Je to jedno (It Doesn't Matter), a suite of drawings from 2005-2007 and a video from 2006.
The stands will include seating for a further 21 000 spectators, and to the north the principal axis will be marked by the higher members' pavilion that will include 80 hospitality boxes.
The 115km Guangdong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong transport railway is one of two principal axis lines in the Guangdong-Shenzhen-Hong Kong railway network, offers a top speed of 350km/hr and is expected to carry several million people each year from Beijing to Hong Kong.
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