principal axis

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a line that passes through the center of curvature of a lens so that light is neither reflected nor refracted


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The principal axis of the orientation is constant in the vertical scans because of the chosen path (along the central axis through the embossment).
One interpretation (Darvill's preference) is that these two stones formed a pair of monoliths straddling the principal axis and physically marking the sightline from the centre of the monument to the position of the midsummer rising sun on the north-eastern horizon (Pitts 1982, 2000: 149-50).
Initially, several exploratory factor analyses using principal axis factor analysis with oblimin rotation were conducted.
The principal normal stresses and maximum shear stress together with the angle of the principal axis can be determined from the applied stresses (fx, fy and fs) using the following equations [Bruhn, 1973], [Niu, 2005]:
Its principal axis consists of two pieces with the same title, Je to jedno (It Doesn't Matter), a suite of drawings from 2005-2007 and a video from 2006.
The stands will include seating for a further 21 000 spectators, and to the north the principal axis will be marked by the higher members' pavilion that will include 80 hospitality boxes.
The group consisted of African Americans, 3 European Americans and 1 Hispanic American, the principal Axis I diagnosis was conduct disorder (5), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (4) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (6).
Horizontal displacements were recorded for the internal index contour along the principal axis in the central part of structural scheme quarter; the scheme of measuring instruments location is given in Fig 4 b.
The factor extraction procedure was principal axis factoring.
The line joining the two centers is the principal axis of the lens.
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