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a petty or insignificant prince who rules some unimportant principality

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a young prince

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Having access to the president's family and somebody they see as a princeling is even better.
But Xi was not the only persecuted princeling to join the Party and rise through the ranks.
He also stepped up personal attacks on Rahul, describing him as a pampered princeling who has failed to back up his tall promises of empowering the poor with results.
In short, the new princeling will be born with an entire canteen of 24-carat gold cutlery stuck between its toothless gums.
I am already a fan of incoming Chinese Paramount Leader Xi Jinping, the princeling technocrat anointed as the new general secretary of the Communist Party and the holder of Mao/Deng's mandate of heaven in the People's Republic for the next decade.
So our young princeling must battle his way through a million other princes for a shot at the title of being the last prince standing and, therefore, heir to the throne.
It is interesting to note that the three leaders who received the lowest number of votes for alternate membership in the Central Committee in the past three Party congresses were princeling Xi Jinping in the 15th Party Congress in 1997, You Xigui (Jiang's bodyguard) in the 16th Party Congress in 2002 and Jia Ting'an (Jiang's mishu) in the 17th Party Congress in 2007.
The Song of Achilles is a love story between exiled princeling Patroclus and son of a goddess Achilles, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.
And when inappropriate contacts between Hunt's office and Murdoch princeling James were revealed it was not Hunt who got the chop but one of his underlings.
Billy, wearing a newspaper crown, is a princeling in control of this potentially dangerous animal, and he annotates the page-frames of his own story in faint pencil supplying another voice, a second intimate commentary, to the formal printed text.
The idea that some cosseted princeling could invent the world's most popular snack is bunkum of the highest order.
Surprisingly, the buyer appears not to have been some new-monied oligarch or princeling but seasoned, London-based buyer Lily Safra.
Of all the ecclesiastical grifters ever to have fleeced their flocks, surely none was as slimy as that two-bit Nepalese princeling Siddhartha Gautama.
flown its cage or a princeling fled a wizard's magic chest.
According to Nichols (Washington correspondent for The Nation), the answer to that question is not the figurehead princeling, George W.