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an agent that is the cause of all things but does not itself have a cause

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In the Blean, the laborers' family economy was their primum mobile.
In his opening three chapters Simek insists (perhaps unnecessarily) that the Middle Ages accepted that the world was round (even though it is sometimes represented as a disc), and makes the corollary and less familiar point that the earth was put at the centre of the universe not because of its importance but because it was the furthest away from the primum mobile.
3) When we consider that Hurston was far more interested in African-derived folk religions and folklore than in American Protestantism, it stands to reason that she would have been more likely to see God as a character from folktales than the primum mobile of orthodox theology.
One is a work Riccioli penned on the astronomy of the primum mobile and fixed stars (the Primum Mobile Reformatum).
Mystery is the play's dramatic primum mobile, too many sorts of it to enumerate here.