primrose path

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a life of ease and pleasure

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Of course, if Davina's kids follow her down the primrose path to heroin hell, she's got the money to bung them into expensive rehab clinics.
He offers a frank and realistic assessment of the shrinking opportunities and real hardships that must be faced by any young person with serious pianistic ambitions,Nor does he pull any punches in critiquing the tendency of universities and conservatories, as well as many private teachers of advanced students, to lead students down the primrose path of expectation, preparing them for careers which, frankly, do not exist anymore in today's world.
He leads his willing accomplice (that voyeuristic straw man, the viewer) down the primrose path of poverty, male heterosexual anal eroticism, love, lust, Pollock, crapulous neediness, and jubilant desperation.
Our children could romp in parks without finding dirty needles on a primrose path.
Ms Jenkins said she was worried how people might react to the drugs admission, but I think she can rest assured: we're all just thankful she didn't stray as far down the primrose path as the seemingly tragic (and equally talented) Amy Winehouse, with whose voice Duffy's has sometimes been compared.
We were sandbagged on the primrose path of curiosity with a verbal timing that would do credit to Richard Pryor.
Somewhere along the primrose path of accountability, public service has been fooled into thinking it is the same as manufacturing industry.
Illegal domestic spying, lying the country into a disastrous war, punishing dissenters such as Ambassador Joseph Wilson, and election fraud are only a few of the Bush administration actions that are leading the people of the United States down the primrose path to dictatorship, believe Cohen (editor in chief, International Journal of Applied Physiology) and Fraser (founder and president, Americans for Moral Government, "a political action committee devoted to the preservation and promotion of democratic values").
But when all of the reasons for invasion proved fallacious, White House rhetoric veered onto the ex post facto yet primrose path of freedom and democracy.
A startled union membership recognized that their organization was once again naively trudging a primrose path laid down by a wily politician.
But I'm not going to cheerlead us down the primrose path when I know we're being led in the wrong direction.
A recent headline on the rugby home page, "The Unpredictable Ruck," could lead the less-enlightened down the primrose path to all kinds of dirty thoughts.
seems to be stumbling blindly down a primrose path from the former to the latter.
Mortimer, 80, used the experience for his latest book about the wine-guzzling barrister, Rumpole and the Primrose Path.