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Synonyms for primitivism

a wild or unrefined state

a genre characteristic of (or imitative of) primitive artists or children

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While primitivism ultimately does not seem unwilling to attune itself to governmental and institutional strategies, eco-anarchism is averse to political compromise, to integration within the state.
However, he also continued to paint in an idiosyncratic primitivist idiom, which he contrasted with the primitivism of another painter, Le Douanier Rousseau, in these words: "Le Douanier Rousseau, you know, painted the jungle, in The Dream, The Hungry Lion, The Apes, with huge flowers and serpents.
Fugitive Rousseau presents the emancipatory possibilities of Rousseau's thought and argues that a fresh, "fugitive" perspective on political freedom is bound up with Rousseau's treatments of primitivism and slavery.
Primitivism entered fin-de-siecle German-Jewish thought and culture in response to internal demands for new definitions of "Jew.
Modal primitivism is the view that metaphysical modality cannot be reduced to something entirely nonmodal.
Porta Romana features a wide array of lighting, furniture and mirrors with designs based on 20thcentury primitivism art.
The editors wisely divide this core to arrange the eleven essays into three subsets: examples of Irish primitivism in response to the Celtic Revival; ethnography and cultural translation affecting primitivism, which neatly moves to considerations not only within Ireland but also abroad; and concentrations on gender and the body, whose essays highlight aspects of sexuality and the incarnation of the nation in relation to the configuration of Irish primitivism.
The artist's work reflected influences of surrealism, primitivism and the early modernist sculptors such as Alberto Giacometti and Constantin Brancusi.
Partha Mitter's use of primitivism as a conceptual paradigm is useful in tying the narrative of modern Indian art into the larger strategies adopted by the European avant-garde.
Dagen breaks the artist's large body of work into four distinct artistic periods, including his early development as a painter through experimentation with historic artistic styles, his famous Blue Period and early forays into primitivism and Cubism.
The winner of this year's prize is Paul Stasi's "A 'Synchronous but More Subtle Migration': Passing and Primitivism in Toomer's Cane.
American groups); Hakim Bey and the influence of the 'Temporary Autonomous Zone' idea; primitivism (especially John Zerzan); green anarchism; social ecology; Marshall's own ideas on 'neolithic anarchy' and 'liberation ecology'; contemporary examples of 'anarchy in action'; Zapatismo; the 'Movement of Movements'; and, in an attempt to offset the rather 'Atlantic-centric' (even, I would say, Anglo-American) bias, an arguably rather tokenistic two pages on 'Anarchy around the World' ('tokenistic' in that this section is so brief and attempts to cover so much that it is very sketchy).
The focus on a single author inevitably makes the study less wide-ranging than Sinead Garrigan Mattar's impressive Primitivism, Science and the Irish Revival (2004), but it is in the interdisciplinary spirit of such work.
Linking Euro-American theories of primitivism with Mexican reflections on mexicanidad and Chicano nationalism highlights, I argue, a common project of critiquing modernity where Mexico functions as the antithesis to the U.
Critics used a language of racial classification, rather than of painterly inquiry, to discuss Motley's work; they described it and other works in terms of race and primitivism, rather than as meditations on line, color, or composition.