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a wild or unrefined state

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I am sure that dragging our current region from the glory of its past, which was shining like a rising star in the period of the Islamic civilization, to a state of collapse and primitiveness that has been lasting for centuries.
At the same time, primality can suggest the negative qualities of primitiveness and baseness, a lack of sensitivity and sophistication.
28) Like Warner's observation, perhaps Bloomfield's juxtaposition of the Raglan guide's superstition with Coxe's history serves less to establish an equivalence of interpretations of the castle than to contrast English sophistication with Welsh primitiveness.
Los Angeles interior and product designer Hillary Thomas says she responds to the divergent qualities of primitiveness and sophistication in rocks and minerals.
An analytical juxtaposition of these two plays reveals the superiority of primitiveness to modernity.
Everything had to relate to inferiority, primitiveness, exoticism, or some form of low human achievement.
As I envisaged the primitiveness of the tribal rites, where the Chosen Maiden must die to save the earth, I felt that my body must draw into itself, must absorb the fury of the hurricane.
For example, the "Hottentot Apron" of Saartjie Baartman, which was a "hypertrophy" of the labia, caused by "manipulation of the genitalia," was "diagnosed" by early European scientists of the 1800s as a symbol of primitiveness and disease (Gilman 1985:85).
Its primitiveness should have consigned it to oblivion.
Paradigms conceptualizing the local people have shifted from derogatory views of primitiveness (as in the purported banditry of the Chimas as destroyers of nature for short-sighted gains), to a recognition of the lack of alternatives ("not perpetrators, but victims" of their situation), to visions of stalwart resistance to colonialism and globalization, and thence to current idealizations as stewards of a global patrimony (thus, no longer ignoble, but perilously close to reinvention as "noble savages").
Given their primitiveness, God commanded, for example, "total war," because it was the "best of the bad options available in the time and with the people he had"(p.
Chamaedoroid palms are a crown group, but narrowness of vessels and a mesic understory habitat have favored retention in that group of xylem with long scalariform perforations that in the past have been interpreted as unqualified indicators of primitiveness.
Instead of constructing a developmental narrative of historical films--assuming some kind of movement from primitiveness to sophistication (a characteristic of Haydock's book, as well as Constandinides' although to a lesser extent), perhaps we should look for evidence of continuities through time, and how they have been shaped in different contexts of production.
He does this at first by appearing to confirm the long held association that blackness has had with primitiveness and then allowing the reader to see that this primitiveness was based on the dependence blackness had on whiteness for its virtual creation and pejoration.
All of this is clear evidence that the clunky primitiveness of the Paleozoic e-book era is finally drawing to a close.