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a wild or unrefined state

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Scott's work caused ripples in Southeast Asian studies with its argument that the accumulated ethnography of the region suggests a story that runs against the grain of conventional histories: that the distinctiveness of hill minorities are due not to primitiveness and isolation but to repeated strategies of flight from the states in the valleys.
Viewed through this lens of primitiveness, of instinctive cultural connection to land, the many-layered contexts and meanings imbued within art and literature are eroded to perpetuate a Western stagnant ideal of the eco-warrior.
Night has a long history of gloomy and feral associations; Christian and medieval myths and enlightenment tropes have imbued darkness with ideas of evil, disorder and primitiveness (Ekirch, 2006; Koslofsky, 2011).
To a certain extent she assimilates the Western perspective that clearly distinguishes between the misery, ignorance, and primitiveness of Africa, and affluent, technological, modern society.
Critique the social and aesthetic order--in this case of the visual arts, state-sanctioned academicism--by embracing an imagined primitiveness whose authenticity they opposed to a "decadent" West, an attitude seeped in the Enlightenment tradition.
The first is an active detection technology that mainly uses watermarking technology to ensure the primitiveness of audio files; however, the technology does not delete certain sound bites, making it an unpopular choice [3].
Yet as the above interview makes clear, Mountford's view that Aborigines represented the quintessence of primitiveness was intended as an endorsement.
It doesn't hesitate to glorify a human's penchant for primitiveness either.
MK: Your description and prediction of the aesthetics--both the primitiveness and the hyperrealism--of video gaming and other immersive experiences stand as one of the most trenchant observations of the past several decades.
He makes it clear that any broad engagement with Ubuntu as a philosophy about our shared humanity "in its articulation as first and foremost a political act, cannot but amount to or imply a confrontation with the measures and mechanisms that historically excluded it as a sign of primitiveness, only to reappropriate it later as a messianic signifier of our shared humanity" (p 15).
These dialogues between various characters clearly reflect primitiveness of Third World people who believe in the role of destiny instead of having rational attitude towards various things.
Any degree of primitiveness which may have been done on earlier M models in the name of weight saving is long gone and the new pair are dressed as well as any other BMW.
The qualities Jung attributes to the unconscious are freedom, flexibility, vastness, immensity, irrationality, disorder, chaos, darkness, primitiveness, infiniteness etc.
Despite the remoteness and seeming primitiveness of this field, it's a rich and fertile one, and we are in Bartlett's debt for his splendid exploration and excavation of it.