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a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists

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Another trait of Mohassess is his inimitable style, a combination of various Western and Iranian art forms such as folk art, primitive art or, as already mentioned, the art of Persian miniature painting and illustrations from 19th century lithograph prints.
There was a great clamor about the publication of the book and the exhibition which contains a set of Twenty-five wooden carved masks referring to the Primitive Art of Nepal.
Jennifer said: "The night we met he talked to me about Nave art and Primitive art and I thought, 'I've never had this kind of chat-up line, ever.
This collection of photos is particularly important since many of these monuments have since collapsed, or have been sold to primitive art dealers.
Particular influences are primitive art and the art of the early 20th century, so I enjoy the direct visual pleasure of composing shapes, colours and patterns," she says.
Like all true primitive art the aesthetic adventure to the Rani Paraj people is an unconscious one dictated by urgencies that know no outward moulding.
Ranjit Arora interprets the "tribal origin of existence" and reflects the magical elements of primitive art.
A professor of art history at New York University, Goldwater was also director of the Museum of Primitive Art, established in 1957, and wrote a key book on the topic, "Primitivism in Modern Art.
Rendered in flickering, herky-jerky stop-motion, Brent Green's handmade tribute to folk craftsmanship yields a visual approximation of the magical thinking behind much primitive art.
I loved primitive art as a kid, and that's one of styles in which I'm developing my own recent art.
His poetry springs from a rich engagement with an interior life (often based on dreams) deep explorations of a world literature that is both experimental in style and articulate of humankind's inner drives and a wide range of historical views and studies particularly primitive art.
At his first one-man show in 1932, he exhibited his collection of Surrealist sculptures and objects, many of which were influenced by African and primitive art forms.
Rather than considering alchemy a primitive art made obsolete by scientific chemistry, they chart the role alchemy played in the development of theories of the nature of matter and of chemical change.
Describing her look as a mix of old and new, primitive art blended with midcentury ideals and sprinkled with ethnic influences, Jenks has created what she feels is an objective style that allows people to see what they want to see.
Farm animals, people, religious and traditional festivities, flowers in vases or elaborated heart shapes, which are also found on primitive art furniture are among the themes incorporated in paper cutting.