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(obstetrics) woman who has been delivered of a child for the first time

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Stress related to employment was rated lower by rural primipara participants (0.
O sistema de desmama influenciou a producao de leite de femeas primiparas, embora as cordeiras tenham apresentado bom desempenho reprodutivo, apresentando estro mais cedo e produzido um cordeiro, ainda com um ano de idade, fator que se deve considerar, e quanto ao desenvolvimento futuro dessa cordeira, principalmente, no que se refere a producao de leite, e os niveis nutricionais influenciarao no potencial produtivo das ovelhas.
limiting the population to primiparas, expanding the population to include women experiencing contraceptive failure, or changing the right censoring of the time-to-pregnancy variable), results were similar to those reported in Table 3.
4 times more likely among primiparas (first-time mothers), and 8.
In this study, no significant differences were found between the scores of primiparas and multiparas on the WDEQ.
Mothers of cases had gained less weight during pregnancy, had a lower body mass index, and slightly fewer took multivitamin supplements; in addition, more of them were 36 years of age or older, had smoked during pregnancy, were primiparas, had preeclampsia, and reported a previous pregnancy with IUGR.
The Cognitive Process of Career-oriented Primiparas in Identity Formation.
with the range of mothers' feelings when 61 primiparas and 66 they experienced the multiparas.
Os animais foram divididos em quatro grupos de acordo com a producao, sendo denominados, respectivamente, de grupos desafio, azul, vermelho, primiparas e vacas em final de lactacao.
The actual sample of 128 first-trimester primiparas was recruited from obstetrical providers' offices in three southern cities.