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(obstetrics) a woman who is pregnant for the first time

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Rate of PPH was almost doubled than that of primigravidas (para 0) and multiparas (para 1-5).
The eclampsia group had more number of aged mothers, primigravida with generalised and pedal oedema and also proteinuria, whereas mothers with severe pre-eclampsia and mild pre-eclampsia were in the lower age group with or without pedal oedema and proteinuria, Table 2.
9% primigravida, showing that being multigravida is a favorable factor for ECV.
The major findings of our study were that 1) episiotomy use was significantly higher in HIV negative subjects as opposed to HIV positve subjects; 2) primigravidity was associated with episiotomy use amongst the HIV negative patients; 3) the occurrence of perineal tear was similar amongst the 2 groups of women but when stratified based on parity, HIV positive primigravida and HIV negative multigravida had a high rate of perineal tear.
Cowling et al, (6) reported a case of a primigravida with 5.
In the second case, the patient was primigravida and the cervix was only one finger dilated after four doses of misoprostol despite good uterine contractions.
A 22-year-old primigravida woman with term normal pregnancy referred to a non-academic hospital due to signs of labor pain with complete dilation and concentrated mechonial.
A 29 year old Indonesian female, 7th months primigravida presented to our emergency ward with a 4-month history of painful scarlet spots that darken and ulcerate on both of her hands and legs (Figures 1 and 2).
8 In our study, striae were seen in 76% of cases and were more common in multigravida (67%) than in primigravida (33%).
Here, however, we present a case of feto-fetal transfusion in a 31 year-old primigravida at 19 week, in which the spontaneous normalization of amniotic fluid volume in the recipient twin preceded the death of the donor.
A 32-year-old primigravida at 38 weeks of gestation was admitted to the hospital with the complaints of abdominal pain but denied trauma.
The paper titled "Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Care Services by Primigravida Females in Urban and Rural Areas of India" [1], published in International Scholarly Research Notices, has been retracted as it is found to contain a substantial amount of material, without referencing, from the dissertation titled "A Comparative Study to Assess the Availability and Utilization of Reproductive and Child Health Services between Rural and Urban Antenatal Care Set Up in Maharashtra with Assessment of Effect of Close Supervision and Support in Selective Subjects in Both Groups," by Nitin Pandurang Mahajan and Abhiram M.
A 34-year-old primigravida with known GSD type 3 was booked at 8 weeks.
Nine primigravida had miscarriages and 11 multi- gravida had a miscarriage.