primer coat

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the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

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Mazda overcame this issue by developing an interface control resin and adding it to the primer coat.
Apply a primer coat of masonry adhesive or wheat paste with sand added, glue or staple up burlap, install stucco mesh, reed matting or jute, or rough up a smooth texture all present good possibilities.
can be applied directly to propylene-based plastics with good adhesion, the need for a primer coat or surface pretreatment is eliminated.
So, adding a primer coat to your walls can lower the amount of custom-mixed paint you'll need to buy.
About 50 to 60 percent of the steel's surface was blasted back to bare metal and then power washed to prepare the steel's surface for a primer coat, according to Chicago Bridge & Iron's paint supervisor, Dave Hartman.
In the first, a robot applies one water-based primer coat and one color basecoat.
The mid-range two-coat systems have a primer coat that is applied before a finish coat is added.
For example, a primer coat of Chemlok 205 followed by a covercoat of Chemlok 252 would be shown as CH205/CH252.
Because coatings based on Watersol PW-5000 can be applied directly to propylene-based plastics with excellent adhesion, this new technology eliminates the need for a primer coat or surface pre-treatment, essentially taking what has traditionally been a two-part application process and turning it into one simple step.
Applying Primer Coat With Cement Primer In All Shads On New Work
The two-wet monocoat process uses a primer coat that requires only a few minutes of open-air drying time before the color coat is applied.
Magic Wall Magnetic Paint (it's actually a primer, so a conventional primer coat isn't needed) makes displaying things on the walls with magnets easy, thanks to iron particles in the paint.
Unlike some adhesives used for this purpose, ACA's new products make a bond that is often strong enough to tear the thermoplastic material without first applying a primer coat, according to the company.
First, the smooth street surfaces were replaced with a cobblestone-type surface, which was then painted with a primer coat of checkerboard green and black.
When diluted with 25 percent water, it can be applied as an adhesion primer coat on non-porous substrates.