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the hours between 7 and 11 p

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With an abundance of celebrities, performing artists, television personalities and more, expected to grace this year's red carpet, One Concierge will be on hand to provide clients with a wide range of concierge and lifestyle management services tailored for the 63rd Annual Prime-time Emmy Awards.
With the 2010 regular season schedule released by FOX, the prime-time games begin at 7:00 PM ET, just when the current blackout policy ends.
ABC's prime-time ratings leaped by nearly 25 percent, ending with an 8.
While David coolly accepts the spelling bee's new place in pop culture and on prime-time TV, his mother is quite pleased with the turn of events.
Environmental activism by the leading men and women on prime-time shows also makes a difference.
In contrast, Dawson's Creek is a prime-time hit, and its newly out Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) is one of the show's six regular characters.
While the networks' prime-time landscape is still dominated by wacky half-hour comedies and shows about cops, lawyers, and doctors, there's been a shift to network "news" shows that seek out stories palatable for advertisers: "Prozac and Viagra: Our obsession with feeling good and getting some feeling.
Of 300 to 350 characters on view during any one prime-time evening, Michael said, seven or eight will be murdered.
It has been 17 days since I sent network news executives an open letter about the deplorable lack of diversity in their prime-time schedules.
Fox win four nights of prime-time household ratings with the abbreviated series.
NBC continued its prime-time struggles with a 6 rating and an 11 share.
But while Hollywood has added more "flavor" to its prime-time lineup, the programming still remains awfully bland.
SAUGUS - Her new prime-time TV show is slumping in the ratings, and she was banned from a Canadian fall fest because of her ex-con status, but Martha Stewart has been welcomed with open arms by the nation's largest home builder.