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the hours between 7 and 11 p

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Moving from Phoenix House in Newhall Street, Prime Time Recruitment has been established in Birmingham for about 20 years and has 100 branches in 60 locations across the UK.
The product has garnered much market attention since Prime Time s launch last year.
David will make his Prime Time debut this evening for a special on Syria and to help moderate a debate on the Irish banking system as its new season starts up.
owner of Prime Time, to provide liability insurance for 100 airport shuttles.
It is the sixth year in succession that David Gallagher and his Prime Time company have agreed to back the club as main sponsors, much to the delight of Lockwood Park officials, having first put their name on the shirts in 2001.
Prime Time Building Corporation was selected in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.
The supervisor who was there from headquarters was right straight across from me and started yelling at me: 'You will not open criminal investigations,'" Wright told Prime Time Live.
To their credit, the Prime Time authors stress that such a hypothesis is as "unproven" as it is "provocative.
Certainly the regular appearance of normal, healthy lesbian and gay youth in prime time is a new frontier.
As recently as 1978, the three major television networks commanded more than 90 percent of the prime time viewing on any night.
Fox--under the watchful eye of Roger Ailes, he who cultivated the images of Reagan and Bush--has attracted great talent to its prime time show and manages to not give a damn what people think.
Of prime time TV speaking roles, 64% are played by men; in film, it is 72%.
350 per hour for prime time and $250 per hour for non-prime time.
Walton said he is proud of the senior level hires, but until a person of color is added to prime time, CNN's progress will be "hollow.