prime meridian

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meridian at zero degree longitude from which east and west are reckoned (usually the Greenwich longitude in England)

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Prime Meridian Holding Company is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and offers a broad range of banking services through its wholly-owned banking subsidiary, Prime Meridian Bank.
In 2003, Raymo (a former science and nature columnist for the Boston Globe) set out to walk across southeastern England along the prime meridian.
The default parameters for the program include the projection's center at the equator and prime meridian and a graticule spacing of 10 degrees (Figure 6).
It's a place steeped in history - the royal birthplace of Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII and where the Prime Meridian runs through the famous Greenwich Observatory.
In Greenwich, England, home of the prime meridian, they're building a giant dome that will house multiple exhibitions looking back on the last 1,000 years.
What intimations of scientific immortality Wordsworth might have dreamt into the Prime Meridian at Greenwich
PHOTO : Straddling east and west, schoolchildren walk the prime meridian at the Old Royal
The Gulf of Guinea encompasses the intersection of the Equator and Prime Meridian and forms the coastline of some of Africa's most mineral-rich nations.
Visitors also have the chance to stand astride two hemispheres at the Prime Meridian line and see the Great Equatorial Telescope, the largest refracting telescope in the UK and the world's seventh largest.
According to First Gen, its subsidiary Prime Meridian Powergen Corp.
Its 58km tour yesterday around east London, taking in five of the six Olympic host boroughs, started at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the location that set the world's prime meridian.
8 Through which London borough does the Prime Meridian run?
Sitting on the world's prime meridian ( zero degrees longitude ( it is tilted at 51.
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