prime meridian

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meridian at zero degree longitude from which east and west are reckoned (usually the Greenwich longitude in England)

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Perhaps the campaign to establish a uniform prime meridian, to standardise and codify, was a tell-tale symptom of modernity.
In 1884, after other attempts to arrive at agreement had failed, geographers, astronomers, navigators, and politicians from over twenty countries convened an International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC, to propose a single prime meridian "for the good of the world.
In September, Anglo African Agriculture announced it had received an offer, subject to due diligence and final contract, from Prime Meridian Resources to buy the company's 49.
Previously Prime Meridian, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corp.
So if I grew up in Europe, the center of the world on my map may have been the Prime Meridian.
10) The fact of the contract, and Hondius' production of several globes with the prime meridian passing over Corvo and Flores, provides some support for a theory that Hondius was the maker of Tasman's globe.
Prime Meridian Holding Company is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and offers a broad range of banking services through its wholly-owned banking subsidiary, Prime Meridian Bank.
A pleasant walk through Greenwich park, one of the oldest parks in London, led us up to the Royal Observatory, the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World.
Correspondingly, the vertical lines are called meridians, with the Prime Meridian (0[degrees] longitude) being a north-south line which runs just outside the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, UK.
prime meridian peri-median rim the prime meridian I'd rip Her Mean Time.
After the salvo of 12,500 fireworks, a giant cloud of smoke drifted eastwards downstream towards Greenwich, through which the world's prime meridian passes and where Greenwich Mean Time takes its name from.
We tend to read more nonfiction books than fiction, such as Timothy Egan's The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America (about a forest fire larger than three states, which led to formation of the National Forest Service) and Chet Raymo's Walking Zero: Discovering Cosmic Space and Time Along the Prime Meridian (Raymo focuses on the Prime Meridian as the standard for world maps and clocks).
Often forgotten about amid the West End's attractions, the Royal Observatory in London's south east houses the location of the Prime Meridian - where global time is measured from.
The date is that of the International Prime Meridian Conference, where representatives of twenty-four countries gathered in Washington and ratified two propositions: that the Prime Meridian would travel through Greenwich, England and that the same meridian would be the basis of a universal day.
These days it's a less chaotic affair with neat queues waiting patiently for the opportunity to stand with one foot in the west and one foot in the east on the Prime Meridian.
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