prime interest rate

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the interest rate on short-term loans that banks charge their commercial customers with high credit ratings

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We find new evidence that macroeconomic variables, such as prime interest rate, yield curve, GDP growth and interest rate volatility, play an important role in determining corporate debt mix changes.
Following prime interest rates, Mortgage X historical data show that one-year adjustable rate mortgages (ARM): Initial Interest Rate declined from the 7.
That translates into a prime interest rate of about 7.
Finnish financial group Sampo Plc said on Thursday (26 January) that it had decided to raise the Sampo Prime interest rate by 0.
Most importantly, the average prime interest rate for the U.
A quarter percentage point increase in the prime interest rate causes only an eighth of a percentage point increase in mortgage rates.
The central bank has pegged the prime interest rate at about 11 percent in an effort to keep inflation under control and to prevent consumers from overdoing credit spending.
Consumer price inflation should drop to near 5 percent this year while recent reductions in the prime interest rate will open the door to attractive financing options on high-end goods.
Should we be upset or surprised by the latest prime interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve/Greenspan (Business, June 26)?
For the 2000 growing season, Pioneer launched a sales program called TruChoice, which offers deferred payments to farmers on seed purchases that also could be expanded to include select crop protection products at 3 points below the prime interest rate.
Molina said the prime interest rate has escalated to 28-30%, which has brought about a deceleration of the economy.
The prime interest rate hit 15% in April and jumped to 20% by May, blowing mortgages out of the water.
Track the prime interest rate, and be concerned about potential increases in the prime interest rate.
As the prime interest rate falls, theoretically, so should the annual percentage rates on credit cards.
As the prime interest rate increases, investment income increases.