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the branch of zoology that studies primates

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I intend to develop it further, in collaboration with Holly Dugan, as part of our coauthored monograph, The Famous Ape: Shakespeare and Primatology.
Four decades of feminist research already have begun to demonstrate the benefits of what she calls "foundational questioning and reorganization" (8), perhaps nowhere more dramatically than in primatology.
No other theory thus makes it possible to integrate literary study with the rapidly developing body of knowledge from evolutionary psychology, paleoanthropology, primatology, behavioral ecology, comparative ethology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, behavioral genetics, and personality psychology.
Her business - Primate Education - offers a distance learning basic diploma course in primatology to others who share her interest in monkeys and apes.
Leona Hartland, from Crawcrook, Gateshead, is a former evolutionary anthropology student who has launched a business to give online tuition in primatology .
Dr Ian Stephen's original research was published in Evolution and Human Behavior and the International Journal of Primatology
The next step will be returning to the 90,000 acre (38,000 hectare) forest to try to find out how many grizzly langurs there are, according to the team of local and international scientists, who published their findings in the American Journal of Primatology on Friday.
Matt Rossano explores the topic, using recent findings from a variety of fields--anthropology, archaeology, biology, developmental human biology, neuroscience, philosophy, primatology, psychology, and sociology among others--to weave an intriguing examination of religion and human evolution.
Recent groundbreaking research on this issue has emerged from primatology and ethology (de Waal, 2003); neuroscience (Ramachandran, 2000); developmental psychology (Batson, 2006; Batson et al.
My scrutiny of primatology studies by De Waal (2001), Gerber (2004), Goodhall (1978), Redmond (2008), Taylor and Jackson (2004), and Wright (1994), for example, produced no evidence to confirm that baboons howl at night.
During the last 10 years brain-based research from a variety of biological sciences, such as primatology and ethology (de Waal, 2003, 2008), neuroscience (Ramachandran, 2000), neurobiology (Iacoboni, 2008; Rizzolatti & Craighero, 2004), social cognitive neuroscience (Decety & Jackson, 2004; Decety & Lamm, 2006), and developmental psychology (Batson, 2006; Batson et al.
Ranging in date from 1957 to 1977 and including an exchange with education scholar Howard Haymes, the essays examine the presence of sexist stereotypes and preconceptions in the biological and social sciences, especially primatology, sociobiology, and anthropology.
Journal of Medical Primatology 32(4-5):201-210, 2003.
The authors draw from facial perception and memory, autism, moral behavior, personality, primatology, and even diet.
By studying the fossilized bones and tools of our ancestors and examining our nearest living relatives, Alda helps viewers to understand what we have in common and what sets us apart in this three-part PBS series that delves into a wealth of a scientific disciplines, including archaeology, primatology, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and even philosophy.