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the branch of zoology that studies primates

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But when Robert O'Malley, a primatologist now at Kenyon College in Gambler, Ohio, went to Gombe in the late 2000s, he noticed many of the Kasekela chimps regularly fishing for ants.
By watching wild baboons, the team of primatologists found that monkeys ate whatever they could find as long as the foods had a lot of protein and fat.
Research on chimpanzees by Jane Goodall and Richard Wrangham, among others, has included observations of aggression, but the primatologist Frans de Waal has emphasised the importance of behaviours among chimpanzees that relate to the reduction of conflict.
One of the world's foremost primatologists, Martin came to the museum in September 2001 from the University of Zurich's Anthropological Institute and Museum, where he was professor and director for 15 years.
Within a few pages I discovered a moving yet highly entertaining book, penned by one of the world's leading primatologists.
These small differences in chimp habits spell big news for primatologists (scientists who study primates).
The team included primatologists and psychologists from Japan and the United States.
The ape observations, collected over 14 years of fieldwork with the Kanyawara chimp community in Kibale National Park, provide the first evidence of a wild nonhuman animal exhibiting sex differences in play, two primatologists report in the Dec.
She finds that gross categorization of patterns of food availability are not adequate to explain female primate social behavior, and that current models primatologists use to organize behavior and ecology are too simplistic to predict patterns of behavior at a number of different levels.
However, primatologists from the University of Zurich can now confirm that chimpanzees intervene impartially in a conflict to guarantee the stability of their group.
Very few archaeologists and paleoanthropologists have seen a wild ape, and very few primatologists have done any excavation or analysis of artifacts and fossils," says Cambridge primatologist William McGrew, who has studied wild chimps for more than 40 years.
But Zurich primatologists have now disproved this theory, demonstrating that mammals with relatively large brains actually tend to have a somewhat bigger digestive tract.
and Malagasy primatologists have discovered a new species of mouse lemur, an arboreal, fist-size animal on the African island of Madagascar, the home of all lemurs.
The research, by an international team of primatologists, reveals how Rhinopithecus strykeri, a species of snub-nosed monkey, has an upturned nose which causes it to sneeze when it rains.
He explains how paleoanthropologists and primatologists have identified other animals, both in the fossil record and in the modern day, that possess at least some of the traits that we have used to define ourselves.