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coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit

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t] = n, where n is the number of sections (or primary windings forming the total primary winding).
The reflected voltage URpri appears in the primary winding when the diode D3 conducts the current of the secondary winding
C] = L, the self-inductance of the primary windings meets (13) only.
The primary windings are supplied with one modulation at rated voltage.
A maglev system, with a linear synchronous motor, for instance, requires primary windings distributed along the track, resulting in substantial increase in the construction and maintenance cost [1,2].
Analytical models can be obtained by using a simplified structure with a smooth stator and with the primary windings substituted by an equivalent current sheet.
According to phasor diagram, the 5-phase voltages are made from ac main phase and line voltages with fractions of the primary winding turns which are expressed with the following relationships.
Primary winding is integrated, which allows it to Measure DC, AC, and pulse currents on printed circuit boards.
With this method of construction, the core and primary winding are placed in a plastic pot which is filled with epoxy.
The bobbin for the primary winding is a simple thin-wall design; that for the secondary windings, which generate high-voltage output, is a complex unit with ten winding segments.
The circuit consists of a single-turn primary winding, and a 10-turn, 2 cm diameter secondary winding in parallel with a 110 pF, 4 kV, air-spaced variable capacitor [36] and electrodes on the cell.
Obtain a test coil designed to encircle the portion of the casting specified for Brinell hardness testing and having a primary winding inductance of 5-8 milihenries.
However, copper is the primary winding material in the Indramat design.
lo]') Therefore, voltage of the primary winding is unchanged and P ignores the RF and IF signals.