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a rigid layer of polysaccharides enclosing the membrane of plant and prokaryotic cells

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In both buildings, a sealed sheathing (silicone sealant between joints of exterior gypsum sheathing) was used as the primary wall air barrier strategy, integrated with the rest of the building (windows, roof, below-grade areas, etc.
There is limited data available, but currently there is no indication that one primary wall air barrier strategy is far superior or inferior to others.
As used in this manuscript, the former is deposited on the inner (lumen) surface of an already existing secondary wall, whereas the latter represents the secondary wall as it is deposited directly on the surface of the primary wall.
Pores may be found on primary wall areas scraped away by sectioning (Fig.
Protoxylem tracheids show pores to the degree that portions of the primary wall are shaved away by the sectioning process (Fig.
Numerous primary wall details have been observed only since Edward L.
Some perforation plates may be separated by the sectioning process into halves representing the two component cells, but such split or scraped perforation plates reveal portions of the primary wall to various degrees, and are.
On these images width of wrinkles located on the outer face of the primary wall of fiber was measured.
During this process the primary wall (waxes on the surface) wrinkles as much as the cellulose in the fiber shrinks.
Protoxylem tracheary elements, like metaxylem tracheary elements, have continuous and intact primary wall cover.
Tracheid to parenchyma pit pairs may have porose pit membranes on the tracheid side and nonporose pit membranes on the parenchyma side; thus degree of porosity in a section can represent the degree to which one primary wall or the other is pared away.
Equipment for cyclic loading samples of primary walls (Primary First Wall) is used for thermal fatigue testing of materials, fusion reactor blanket.
75-acre site, the 23-foot-wide house is oriented with its 94-foot length running roughly northwest to southeast, allowing tree-filtered light to angle in to the primary walls in the morning and late afternoons.
equipment for cyclic loading samples of primary walls (primary first wall) is used for testing thermal fatigue of materials blanket fusion reactor.
Peter Max created this dramatic painting specifically for one of the primary walls in the gallery.
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