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one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing

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The molt of adult primary feathers was scored using a numerical system where each feather is given a value from 0 to 5 (Newton 1966).
Density of primary feather follicle on the thoracal tracts increased significantly (p < 0.
Occasionally, primary feather follicles may remain at the surgical site, leading to abnormal feather growth, feather follicle cysts, or ingrown feathers.
We examined the primary feathers of each wing and scored molt following Ginn and Melville (1983): 0--old; 1--missing or completely in pin; 2--just emerging from sheath up to 1/3 grown; 3--new feather 1/3 to 2/3 grown; 4--new feather >2/3 grown with waxy sheath remaining; 5--fully grown new feather.
15]N values of the first primary feather collected the first time the bird was captured in 2007 compared to [[delta].
We also measured distances between the wing-tip and the tip of each primary feather from the first to the ninth (primary distances 1 to 9, numbered ascendantly from the leading edge of the wing) to the nearest 0.
0 g using a Pesola[TM] spring scale, and scoring the primary feather molt condition.
It has been shown that body molt and primary feather molt can occur simultaneously (Sherry and Holmes 1997, Lowther et al.
The wind slipping between their primary feathers made them rattle, like playing cards stuck with clothespins against the spokes of a kid's bicycle wheels.
Nearing his peak, his wings' three outer primary feathers will begin producing a delightful, musical twitter that most listeners mistake for a vocalization.
We realised a lot of it was wing bones, particularly those holding large primary feathers," Prof Finlayson told BBC News.
White wingers" is the collective slang for the glaucous gull and Iceland gull, as all their primary feathers (the ones at the end of each wing) are pure white in adult plumage.
I recovered sufficiently by early evening to at least be able to snip the primary feathers off the birds and put them into poultry crates for Gerry to transfer to the pen.
During the past century, their long wing feathers, or primary feathers, gained about 2.