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one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing

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Aging immature mourning doves by primary feather molt.
The birds were placed under general anesthesia, and a diode laser was used to ablate the primary feather follicles of the previously pinioned wing.
The timing of primary feather molt was very similar from year to year (Figure 6).
Measurements of mass and primary feather length were taken on the 12th day after hatching (Table 1).
The following measurements were calculated for each cross section from each embryo at each age: (a) density of primary feather follicles as folls/[cm.
Gliding birds: reduction of induced drag by wing tip slots between the primary feathers.
In this study, we evaluated the use of diode laser and cryosurgery as methods of ablating primary feather follicles in domestic pigeons (Columba livia).
The wind slipping between their primary feathers made them rattle, like playing cards stuck with clothespins against the spokes of a kid's bicycle wheels.
Nearing his peak, his wings' three outer primary feathers will begin producing a delightful, musical twitter that most listeners mistake for a vocalization.
We realised a lot of it was wing bones, particularly those holding large primary feathers," Prof Finlayson told BBC News.
White wingers" is the collective slang for the glaucous gull and Iceland gull, as all their primary feathers (the ones at the end of each wing) are pure white in adult plumage.
A raven's primary feathers on the tips of the wings are more prominent than a crow's; a flying raven looks like it's sic reading its fingers.
Injuries to primary feathers and wings were documented in the three most common species: 24% of Red-throated Loons had moderate to severe injuries to their wings; 9% of Western Grebes and 4% of Common Murres also had wing injuries.
Additionally, primary feathers typically start to break through the pin on day 8 while in the surviving wren nestling feathers did not break through until at least 11 d of age (Austin-Bythell, 2006).