primary election

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a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen


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Mr Masisi said even as the largest and most popular party in the country, BDP could not afford the luxury of losing even one democrat to either the opposition or to the wilderness due to his loss in the primary election.
Voters in the March 20, general primary election will determine the Democratic and Republican nominees for offices to be elected at the general election in November 2018.
The Texas Attorney General's office has been asked to launch an investigation into allegations that multiple people voted illegally in the 2016 Republican primary elections in Hill County, despite local officials' claims that the discrepancies were caused by human error and would not have affected the results of any elections.
Measure 90 would institute a "top-two" primary election system in Oregon.
Yet the turnout in primary elections is often under 30%.
Sedera, at the June 10 Democratic Party primary election, failed to be the winner to get party nomination to stand for the Assembly 34 general election this November; But his 26% vote achieved among the registered Democrats made a lasting imprint within the State party apparatus as an undoubtedly a rising star in Nevada political field in years to come.
The final primary election of presidential candidate from Georgian President's United National Movement party will be held in Tbilisi on Sunday.
Senate candidates on the California primary election ballot hoping to advance to the general election in November.
The resignation comes after Delaney won the Democratic primary election in the House of Representatives race in the 6th Congressional District of Maryland.
Except for a few subcircuits, circuits, and counties where there are genuine contests, winning a dominant party's nomination at the primary election is a virtual guarantee of victory in the general election.
Overall, just 22 percent of registered voters across the Golden State cast ballots in the statewide primary election.
REPUBLICANS John McCain and Mitt Romney were neck and neck going in to Florida's primary election last night.
Three races will require a primary election, scheduled for Sept.
On primary election day, Riley trounced Moore, 67 percent to 33 percent.
He was chosen to lead a left-wing coalition in Italy through a primary election in which 4.