primary election

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a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen


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In a Democratic primary election, voters used a secret ballot to select their presidential candidate.
Measure 90 would institute a "top-two" primary election system in Oregon.
The final primary election of presidential candidate from Georgian President's United National Movement party will be held in Tbilisi on Sunday.
Senate candidates on the California primary election ballot hoping to advance to the general election in November.
Thus, Democrats, Republicans, and members of any other political party could cast votes in the separate judicial election held concurrently with the primary election.
Statewide, the lowest turnout in a primary election was 33.
In the Democratic contest in Florida, all of the major candidates havesignedapledge not to campaign in the state after it broke party rules by moving its primary election to earlier than February5 inabidto havemore influence on the race to the White House.
A primary election will be held to narrow the field of mayoral candidates: Ted E.
Plaid Cymru is preparing to give tens of thousands of its supporters across South Wales the chance to elect the party's assembly leader in US-style primary elections.
Copywriter Craig Huey recently recommended in these pages, during presidential election years, to stay out of the mail 30 days before a primary election in a state and nationwide 45 days before the general election.
What should have been a triumphant unveiling of new machines and new laws on primary election day turned into a disaster in Broward and Miami-Dade counties--polls didn't open on time when poll workers couldn't figure out how to start the machines and some of the machines totally failed.
527(j) as: (1) a general, special, primary or runoff election for a Federal office; (2) a convention or caucus of a political party that has authority to nominate a candidate for a Federal office; (3) a primary election held for the selection of delegates to a national nominating convention of a political party; or (4) a primary election held for the expression of a preference for the nomination of individuals for election to the office of President.
According to the court, the First Amendment protected the jailer from discharge for failing to support the sheriff in a primary election because the jailer's duties were routine, circumscribed and ministerial and the jailer did not engage in law enforcement activities on behalf of the sheriff and was not entrusted with broad discretion.
The DuPage County Election Commission (DCEC) initially hired Hodge Communications to manage the inaugural campaign promoting "no excuses" Early Voting, mandated by the state to go into effect with the March primary election.
Only 35 percent of Oregon's registered voters cast ballots in last month's primary election.