primary dentition

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dentition of deciduous teeth

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The aim of this study was to investigate if active caries disease in the primary dentition can be used as a long-term predictor of active caries disease in the permanent dentition.
This was confirmation that prior caries experience especially in the primary dentition was a positive predictor of developing new caries lesions later in life especially when specific caries preventive activities targeted at high risk children such as fissure sealing and fluoride therapy were not affected.
The current case report describes an 8-year-old boy that presented increased mobility in his primary dentition.
An important indication for oral rehabilitation with crowns is maintenance of vertical dimension in the primary dentition.
Crown-root fractures are very rare in the primary dentition with a prevalence of 2%.
There has been only one report of PEIR in the primary dentition [Seow and Hackley, 1996], however this case presented unconventionally as an acute infection shortly after eruption of the second primary molar and resorption was shown histopathologically in the extracted tooth.
Enamel defects and its relation to life course events in primary dentition of Brazilian children: a longitudinal study.
Children were placed into 3 groups: primary dentition group, mixed dentition group and permanent dentition group.
This debate has been ongoing for some time now and as Paediatric dentists we are all opposed to the view that no treatment is required for the primary dentition.
New methods of delivering anticipatory guidance, laying emphasis on the link between oral health and well-being of the body may be more promising in changing prevalent attitudes and behaviours about the primary dentition.
Most of these lesions have been found in the permanent dentition; however, the occurrences of these lesions in the primary dentition [Seow and Hackley, 1996] and an association with supernumerary teeth [Ozden and Acikgoz, 2009] have also been reported in the literature.
A major objective of modern day dentistry is to maintain the integrity of the primary dentition until normal exfoliation [Katz et al.
Within Paediatric Dentistry, pulpal therapy for the primary dentition continues to be an area of debate and research.