primary care physician

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the physician who provides primary care

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Major Finding: Patients comanaged by a primary care physician and a pulmonologist were 4.
THE DEFENSE The doctor who treated the foot infection denied negligence and maintained that he'd acted properly in dictating the discharge letter to the primary care physician.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Data show that collaboration between primary care physicians and psychiatrists improves primary care of patients with depression--but what does that collaboration look like?
It won't be easy, and he expects that primary care physicians will come "kicking and screaming" into pain management.
The physicians were surveyed again and, out of 70 primary care physicians on the medical staff, 20 said they would definitely use the hospitalist program.
Primary care physicians perceive hospitalists as undermining their own value and power.
When we are well-trained, experienced, and skilled in our relationships, primary care physicians do a great job.
Major Finding: A measure of "primary care physician ambulatory Care clinical effort" was more accurate than a simple head count of primary care physicians, and it showed a much stronger association between increased primary care provided in a geographical area and lower rates of mortality and preventable hospitalizations in that area.
Among respondents, 72% felt patients expect cancer follow-up from specialists, and only 23% believed that patients would rather go to their primary care physician for that care.
Beyond the value of the primary care physician, the industry has also recognized the importance of coordinating pharmacy benefits and behavioral health in managing patient care.
3] HCFA stated that consultation codes should not be used whenever a primary care physician is responsible for a portion of the overall management of the patient.
While more than 90 percent of people with diabetes annually visit their primary care physician or endocrinologist, as few as 40 percent receive an annual eye exam with documented treatment guidance.
Collaboration was measured by "relationship quality" "collaboration frequency" and the "attributes and attitudes" of the primary care physician.
For employees that can't afford the cost of insurance premiums, this new program allows them (or any family member) to visit a primary care physician for a flat fee of $10 per visit.
The patient looks to the primary care physician as command central, in a sense.
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