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any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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AkzoNobel has completed the sale of its Primary Amides chemicals business to PMC Group.
Primary Amides products are used primarily in the polymer industry to create plastics bags and plastic films for packaging.
Crodamides are fatty acid amides, which include primary amides (erucamide, oleam-ide, behenamide and stearamide) and secondary amides (stearyl erucamide and oleyl pal-mitamide).
The Memphis plant is the only producer of primary amides in North America for the plastics additives market.
It is also the only North American producer of primary amides for the plastics additives market.
The common chemistries are oleamide and erucamide, called primary amides, which are popular because they migrate rapidly, create low COF at modest addition rates, and are relatively inexpensive.
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