primary amenorrhea

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delay of menarche beyond age 18

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Although ambiguous genetalia was the commonest presentation but CAIS mainly presented with inguinal hernia or primary amenorrhea and partial gonadal dysgenesis presented with delayed puberty and micropenis or hypospadias.
This type of repair is well suited for patients in whom MRKH syndrome was not diagnosed at infancy and presented at adolescence with symptoms of primary amenorrhea (16).
Balanced Reciprocal Translocation t(X;1) in a Girl with Tall Stature and Primary Amenorrhea.
The diagnosis of Mullerian aplasia is ready achieved through well-defined diagnostic steps performed for primary amenorrhea at puberty6 and has become very efficient due to the ready availability of advanced imaging modalities.
All physicians should be aware of this entity in differential diagnosis of hematocolpos, abdominal pain and primary amenorrhea in early adolescent years.
Typical characteristics of women with the lack of 17OH are primary amenorrhea, high levels of FSH, LH, progesterone, deoxycorticosterone, hypertension and hyperpotassium alkalosis.
The patient also had primary amenorrhea and features of sexual infantilism and she appeared to have pseudohermaphroditism.
Primary amenorrhea was diagnosed and subsequently the female athlete triad.
Primary amenorrhea is diagnosed if you turn 16 and haven't menstruated.
A 17 year female born to non-consanguineous parent had short stature, primary amenorrhea, absence of secondary sexual characters, developed pulmonary tuberculosis and took anti-tubercular treatment for 6 months.
Past medical history revealed the presence of hirsutism starting at age of 18 years and primary amenorrhea.
The most severe forms presents with abnormal pubertal development and primary amenorrhea, where as those with post pubertal onset are characterized by disappearance of menstrual cycle (secondary amenorrhea) associated withpremature follicular depletion.
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