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the state of being first in importance

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If you are successful in showing to us that the interpretation of the nine- judge giving primacy to the CJI is wrong, you still don't succeed unless you succeed in showing that the present ( NJAC) system does not undermine or impinge upon the independence of judiciary", a five- judge bench headed by Justice J S Khehar said.
McPartlan finds that while the trinitarian basis of koinonia/ communion both for primacy and conciliarity or synodality is highlighted sufficiendy in the RD, it "did not specifically reflect on the relationship between primacy and conciliarity in the light of the Eucharist" (9).
After reviewing UK corporate governance concepts and mechanisms, this study establishes a deep-rooted acknowledgement of the shareholder primacy principle as both a concrete ideology and the fundamental objective of corporate activity in the UK.
Systematically and with barbed prose, she deconstructs the misguided logic of lawyers, economists, academics, financial advisors and regulators who transformed the theory of shareholder primacy into a business axiom.
It's about primacy of talent not primacy of tenure.
With its Primacy card printer , Evolis takes instant card issuance to a new level by offering a double-sided color printer that is simple to operate, yet extremely flexible and very fast.
I have no doubt that both Orthodox and Roman Catholics will find Cyprian a challenging dialogue partner, though I believe this will be especially true for Roman Catholics, who will find that his contributions do not sit easily with their present understanding of either the primacy or the nature of the Church it serves.
Medium size candle may be around two lakh per day," said Umesh M T, chief manager of primacy industries ltd.
Manipal Group's home fragrance company, Primacy Industries, one of the top global manufacturers of premium scented candles, has acquired US-based Midwest-CBK, the company announced on Thursday.
Division--North area of Iraq where police primacy has been achieved.
During this event, held by the World Justice Project (WJP), a NGO, the minister stressed the importance of co-operation in the field of justice, emphasising the need to further promote the concept of primacy of law in the region and develop partnership at the regional level between stakeholders in this area.
The old models of hierarchy and top-down authority no longer work or command respect," said Bishop Nicholls, a member of the task force on the primacy.
But--and there are major "buts"--the USA must negotiate to maintain global primacy (but not dominance).
84) By regional model of primacy is meant a model of primacy that is fundamentally based on the local church, patriarchate, and metropolitan levels.
The predominant theoretical response to these and other related questions has come to be called "shareholder primacy," and means basically what the name implies: shareholders should have the ultimate control over the corporation.