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the state of being first in importance

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So as things stand, if the OFT rule primacy of tenure unfair, Rotherham are up, but if they agree that it is fair then Rotherham are as far away as ever from reaching rugby's top flight.
development of pharmacy sales through supermarkets, Primacy Healthcare,
The results, consistent with expectations, indicate that auditors are susceptible to primacy effects when making likelihood of error and audit-hour planning judgments in settings that are relatively low in inherent risk, and such effects are due to less integration of late positive information in low- as compared to high-risk conditions.
French agricultural advisers emphasize location, location, location as the key to success in commercial orchards, Trappe notes, advice that supports the geneticists' argument for the primacy of environmental influences.
It must be rejected, however, because it gives primacy to nonsalary determinations made in state government at the expense of the City Charter's independent determinations on such matters,'' Merkin wrote.
He anticipated the deconstructionist critique of logocentrism by showing the primacy of the labeling word in American literature and culture.
The ethereally ritualized aura of almost any Hawkins piece comes also from his confidence in the primacy of apparently simple detail.
Kobusch lays important stress on the primacy of love in Origen's concept of (divine or human) freedom; but Konig (forgetting Emil Brunner) finds a spurious difficulty in reconciling the primacy of Christ in revelation with his ubiquity as Logos.
The essays are announced as addressing the now decidedly unpopular assumption: the primacy of texts in literary criticism'.
Timber primacy in national-forest multiple-use management in the South (where it still exists) will be an almost impossible row to hoe and justify.
The Paul campaign believes firmly in the primacy of the New Hampshire primary - and in the importance of the Nevada caucus as well.
The mechanistic catalogue seeks to take into account: the primacy of security; observation and fear; uncertainty and fear; counter-wishful thinking and fear; power maximizing, power preservation, and power amassment within reasonable limits; the primacy of military means; self-help thinking; precautionary action; timing; geography; power distribution and deterrence; and regional hegemony.
Vahanvati on posting a petition questioning the collegium system of appointment of judges, which gives primacy to the opinion of the judiciary over executive, before a larger bench for consideration.
London Welsh were initially told they had failed the minimum standards audit on a number of factors but primarily because they did not meet the requirement for primacy of tenure.