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as it seems at first sight

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Such leakage is prima facie attributable to the inadequacy of the processes/controls/systems that HDFC Bank as a listed company had put in place," the Sebi said.
He said that there is no prima facie case in the proof of evidence linking the first defendant/applicant to the alleged offences and that the proof of evidence does not disclose any offence against the first defendant.
He added: "Moreover, while granting bail, no Supreme Court or High Court judge had said that there is no prima facie case against the accused.
Prima Facie was also chosen to represent the Philippines in the JA Asia Pacific Finals to be held in Beijing, China.
On recommendations of the inquiry report, CPP issued Show Cause Notices to the above battery manufacturers for prima facie violation of Section 10 of the Competition Act.
The Statistical Standard of Prima Facie Disparate Impact 2398 B.
A bench of Justices Kurian Joseph and R F Nariman also pulled up Mallya for not giving details of USD 40 million which he had allegedly received from British liquor giant Diageo in February this year, saying it was of the prima facie view that proper disclosure as per its earlier order was not made.
Updated) The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) found prima facie evidence against two of three active generals whom President Rodrigo Duterte publicly identified as drug protectors, Secretary Mike Sueno revealed Friday.
Note: The Court of Appeals here upholds the Viviane Etienne v Countrywide decision from the Appellate Division, which held in effect that a third-party billing company could establish a prima facie case despite the fact that the biller had no personal knowledge of the facts of the claim--but only where the bills were "overdue" because the lack of a timely denial.
The Crowns refuse to abide by the rulings of BC courts that the Gitxsan have strong prima facie rights and good prima facie title to these lands since contact in 1846.
Most importantly, the court noted that an assessor's valuation is prima facie valid, and that the taxpayer must offer evidence to invalidate the assessment to defeat the prima facie validity.
As per prima facie evidence, the police said the man resisted his attackers, as traces of blood were found on the walls and ground.
THE LARNACA Criminal Court yesterday found there was a prima facie case against six defendants on trial in connection with a 2011 naval base munitions blast that killed 13 people and incapacitated the island's main power station.
95sec, while there was a 16-1 shock in heat four with Nick Carter's Oxford raider Prima Facie being left clear at the first bend and going away to match the time of Blue Glenard in the opener.
Swamy said the evidence he had brought on court's record prima facie show that Chidambaram is equally culpable as former Telecom Minister A.