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Synonyms for prim

Synonyms for prim

Synonyms for prim

assume a prim appearance

Related Words

contract one's lips

affectedly dainty or refined

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Prim fidgeted with her hands and said: "Do you know the Beatles, being from Liverpool.
This seems very crude, does it not, Prim Rose, but at any rate it is very much to the point.
Prims are particularly good for holiday-themed items.
JULY 26 Fore-A-Breast Hollydot Golf Prim Ivan (719)
GLOBAL APPEAL: Auden Prim from Norway (above) and Alan Price (below) join an international line-up for Stratford Civic Hall's autumn season
Dodge Ball War": Curls in her hair / A pretty dress / Bows, blue and red / Grab the ball / Fling it through the air / And knock her on the head // It's picture day / Shirts and shoes and ties / Running in circles / Getting all sweaty / Avoiding where the ball flies // We should stay neat / All prim and proper / But that would be a bore.
Longtime identity thief and meth addict Shay Kale Prim, 31, was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in prison after a judge told him he deserves that much prison time for only one of his 44 new crimes - giving methamphetamine to a 15-year-old girl who is now in treatment.
And a recent television ad displays a Canadian actress, who reveals that she does not bare all (because of her prim Catholic upbringing) as the star of a new show featuring erotica in various forms.
It was a big deal for Blue Rhino CEO Billy Prim when Wal-Mart named his company's global sourcing division as the retail chain's International Supplier of the Year in 2002.
Students who automatically assume that Pilgrim society was filled with prim and sober figures made out of cardboard will be pleasantly shocked by this book.
Who would have thought that the prim and proper schoolgirl Michelle, pictured, aged nine, with sister Kelsey, seven, at Holy Cross School in Selkirk, would be taking the country by storm a decade later?
Succeeding Prim will be Tony Wormington, now general manager of technology services.
In Ciao Bella, 2001--a panoramic, three-channel color DVD projection produced for the most recent Venice Biennale--the chameleonlike artist plays each of a dozen or so characters convened along an enormous banquet table and introduced by the very prim and proper Mami.
But with her superbusy schedule, does Taormino--who, in her blackrimmed glasses and flip hairstyle, looks like a prim cinematic secretary about to wildly throw off the specs and shake out her hair--actually have time to .
Margretta Hansen, Tracy Broyles, Stephanie Lanckton, and Dorinda Holler, until they started to dance, looked prim and librarian-like in their dark-colored culottes topped by demure, sheer, white blouses.