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exaggerated and arrogant properness

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Watching this display of social punishment summons up De'ath's own experiences as the "prime target" of school bullies because of "[his] timidity, fragility of build and quite unintentional priggishness of manner" (Adair, 73).
Here is a typical specimen, drawn from a review of Americans by Stuart Sherman: "And when one remembers The Marble Faun, all the parochial priggishness and poor-bloodedness of Hawthorne in Italy, one of the most bloodless books ever written, one feels like giving Nathaniel a kick in the seat of his poor little pants and landing him back in New England again.
There's already a priggishness alive in this state, people greedy to get all the plastic buildings up here just as fast as they can.
In Trilling's opinion, Hemingway had paid unfortunate attention to these kinds of demands, and the resulting literary product was disastrous: "One looks at To Have and Have Not and The Fifth Column, one looks at their brag, and their disconcerting forcing of the emotions, at their downright priggishness, and then one looks at the criticism which, as I conceive it, made these failures possible by demanding them and which now accepts them so gladly, and one is tempted to reverse the whole liberal-radical assumption about literature" (64).
But while some mid-Victorians considered the genre an arena for the exercise of censorship and revision, many saw it as a defense against excessive delicacy and priggishness.
As is his habit, Black attacked press coverage of his trial -- especially the British media, which he said included a "false bourgeois piety and priggishness that assumes whatever an American prosecutor says is true.
Similarly, he confesses in Down There on a Visit that once he had had his fun exploring the dens of iniquity of Berlin, he became judgmental of others' prurience, thereby adding hypocrisy to his priggishness.
If now, instead of the limited ends understood by Aristotle as properly human, we have become intoxicated with the dizzying idea that we are to enjoy union with the Infinite, will this not lead us into a yet more odious sort of moral priggishness than even Aristotle, according to some, was able to produce?
Her first act, high-necked, virginal white blouse neatly emphasizes her priggishness.
63) For loyalty, the two extremes are excessive devotion and priggishness.
A thin-blooded priggishness, the spiritual vestige of the dying Puritanism that Oliver represents, is the best he can muster in resistance to the dominant new American energy; that is not good enough for the purpose, and creates difficulties all its own.
Powers goes over a lot we already knew--the luckless father, the feckless brother, the steamboat, and his infamous "skedaddle" from the Civil War; the discovery in the Wild West of gold, silver, newspapers, frogs, vitriol, tall tales, and the demotic idiom; the shipping out to Honolulu and the Holy Land; the genteel marriage, Hartford mansion, and lecture-circuit hustle; losing a cherished wife and three children to spinal meningitis, diphtheria, and epilepsy; going broke and hating God--but Powers also has a thesis to push about the triumph of Western ruggedness over Eastern priggishness in American culture.
Just as he pairs Schlegelian idealism and Wilcox pragmatism, Forster sets what he sees as the natural, intuitive, and spontaneous qualities of the Italian sensibility against English self-satisfaction, artificiality, and priggishness.
They have all the puritan priggishness of adolescent fervor.
But then a minor concussion turns Sylvia into a sex maniac, and Ullman's made-for-scrunching face beautifully and hilariously expresses the woman's subsequent mood swings between addled ardor and sourpuss priggishness.