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12), Liparidae have two types of prickles termed thumb-tack and cactus-like prickles, the former consisting of a short spine and a round, flat 'head' (= base by our terminology), and the latter consisting of groups of spines arising close together in the dermis, the number of spines varying from 4 to 10 or more.
The Manitoba native roses are generally fairly easy to recognize as low to medium sized herbaceous shrubs combined with scented red to pink flowers (with an occasional white), bearing prickles on the majority of species and colourful reddish hips in the fall.
1): several rows of silica cells alternating with bulky prickle trichomes (Fig.
Mr Prickle runs off a 19lb higher mark than his Newcastle one but is a progressive young chaser and steps down slightly in class.
The reflex when you feel the prick of a prickle is to pull back, but this will just embed the prickle deeper, and these prickles do tend to hurt for several days.
When Hooper put his eye to the microscope and saw the brown stain, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle.
And what visitor to the high country in the fall has not felt his skin prickle at the eerie sound of a bull elk's mating bugle ricocheting off the ridges?
This may be wood, metal, glass, a thorn or a prickle.
Although he is an in-and-out performer, MR PRICKLE has the ability to win races on his day and he ran well behind Almaydan at Wetherby on his return from a six-month break.
Should someone not understand, for example, the difference between a spine and a prickle, the computer's "help" file will describe them in words nonscientists can understand.
It has fresh but delicate apple fruit with a light (9 per cent alcohol) and a gentle application of that classic Vihno Verde prickle yet a mild saline edge to contrast with the lemonbased acidity.
Old Prickle A very good miler Paco Boy obviously stays a mile well, after all he's won two Group 1s at that trip.
But the veteran Brandsby trainer can take some heart from his 34-1 double with Mr Prickle and Seymar Lad at Newcastle yesterday.
It has lively grapefruit flavours with a prickle of acidity, an attractive texture and, unexpectedly, aromatic touches of raspberry on the finish.
How many of them heard those contrived sub-The Cure constructions and felt the hairs prickle and the incessant, nagging need to play it again and again and again?