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Synonyms for pricker

a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf

an awl for making small holes for brads or small screws


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That's why it's in the catalogue, along with rainbow makers and stainless steel egg prickers.
39) The imaginative wall candleholders near the ceiling are of the pricker type with a deep grease pan, and were obviously designed for large candles.
Julia Child (in ``The Way to Cook,'' Knopf; $30): Prick the large end of an egg with an egg pricker or pin, going in about 1/4 inch, to remove the air bubble.
With some particular stocks the blisters may have to be eliminated by the use of a pricker roll.
Each day he is required to test his blood sugar levels eight to ten times using a test strip and a finger pricker.
Pricker defines a "negative identity-prejudicial stereotype" as
Picker, Picker Bush, Pricker Bush - A burr or other vegetation that grows on a bush and sticks to your clothing.
If you're struggling so hard to buy someone a present that you'll consider an egg pricker, then it's because most of us already have everything we need.
Finally she got herself trapped in some serious pricker bushes, which even cut through her tough hide.
The device enables discreet and convenient testing by combining tests, lancets and finger pricker in one sleek, easy-to-carry device, while still giving virtually painfree, accurate results.
As she jumped right when she was beaten here first time, I put a pricker on her last time and she wouldn't face it.
OMAGH CHOIR: Let Us Love In Peace (Telstar) - This year's conscience- pricker.