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the positive quality of being precious and beyond value

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We can take the pricelessness of human life to mean that the social worth of an individual (their social status or contribution to the national economy) should be completely irrelevant when it comes to determining how much society should spend to save or prolong that individual's life in the face of a life-threatening illness or accident--a worthy moral principle.
His tribute spoke to the pricelessness and power of the spoken word, which survives in the "valley of its saying" precisely because that is where the language has its meaning: in the isolation, in the grief, in the raw towns, which are the story.
commitment to the pricelessness of life and to economic development that entails risk, see generally GUIDO CALABRESI & PHILIP BOBBITT, TRAGIC CHOICES (1978)), and from political dealmaking (e.
For some the combination of prizelessness with pricelessness is too much to bear.
Embracing the pricelessness of life constitutes a "useful nonsense.
Third, pricelessness, a characteristic of personal acts of altruism, implies nonncommensurability with monetary donations, and poses a difficulty for efficiency analysis.
Given the pricelessness of a museum's contents, building systems such as sprinklers - unquestionable in other building types - are a cause for some debate in the museum community.
As pop culture artifacts such as the film Indecent Proposal (Paramount 1993) suggest, pricelessness is, ironically, a relative term.
Beloved's epitaph thus represents both preservation and loss, pricelessness and purchase, the sacred name and the deficient word.
This pricelessness stems from the fundamental property of life, self-reproducibility.
The ultimate legitimation for its price is its pricelessness.
The commentary exemplifies the traditional Jewish view that three central values are imputed by the Biblical account of creation to every human life: pricelessness, uniqueness, and equality.
Yet resolving this dissonance decisively in either direction seems costly: it would clearly be dishonest to call fetal tissue worthless when it can be used to cure devastating illness, but to attribute its pricelessness to its therapeutic value just as clearly risks depreciation of the fetus in terms of any inherent value.