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a government subsidy used to maintain prices at a certain level

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From then on, setting the annual price support level became a major Federation concern.
UK Shared Business Services LTD as the Contracting Authority acting on behalf of BIS is putting in place a contract for the purchase of a research project evaluating the economic impact and value for money of compensating electricity-intensive industries most at risk of carbon leakage for the indirect costs of the EU ETS and Carbon Price Support.
The Dairy Product Price Support Program supports the price of fluid milk at $9.
He pointed out that the cost of any price support would be offset by the savings made in flood protection, which the Department for Environment, food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has estimated could be as much as PS500m a year.
Because of price support, the fund does not lose value during the first three weeks after the offering; investors may be likely to attribute the eventual decline and the fact that the fund is trading at a discount to NAV to market conditions, rather than to underwriting charges.
How important was the dairy price support increase?
Ordinarily, dairy farmers who go out of business despite the availability of federal price supports would be regarded as unfortunate but ultimately necessary casualties of the impersonal workings of a relatively free market: Eventually, fewer producers would mean a lower volume of dairy products, resulting in higher prices for those who survive.
CUMBRIA MP Tim Farron has expressed outrage after his formal bid to get the Government to provide much needed price support to farmers in the wake of foot-and-mouth was snubbed.
But that figure omits the government's biggest price support program: the war on drugs.
Claimlink Jewelry Replacement introduces Claimlink Secure, the industry's newest cutting-edge and user-friendly price support service.
USDA received high marks for its management of many programs in an assessment by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) but the "report card," issued to accompany release of the president's budget, found that the dairy payments and milk price support programs were "not performing" as intended.
Malaysia will host a meeting this month with the two other top robber producing nations in the world, Thailand and Indonesia, mainly to discuss the possibility of firming up the existing rubber price support mechanism and its marketing strategies.
In our cover story, Mary Conger, a veteran investor relations officer-turned-consultant, makes a case for the benefits companies can get by undertaking a comprehensive, proactive IR program, among them more loyal shareholders and better price support for the stock, even in tough times.
The Competition Authority ruled the firm's Price Support Agreement with its retailers was "anti- competitive" after a two-year probe.
The price support mechanism, involving 18 meat plants throughout the county, culled cattle aged over 30 months and was criticised as being wasteful of perfectly good beef.