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an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time

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Based on the GDP deflator, the price level in Slovakia vis-a-vis the eurozone fell by almost 4 percent in the past three years.
The lowest price level in 2016 was registered in Bulgaria (56% of the average), ahead of Hungary (67%), Poland (68%) and Romania (69%).
Whenever VAT is introduced - or increased in other countries or even decreased - suppliers of the affected products or services make the decision that would influence price levels in the given country.
The literature on the price level elasticity of aggregate demand is indeed scarce.
Yet while lower oil prices will have a one-off arithmetic effect on the price level and hence reduce inflation, that should boost growth rather than retarding it.
This assumption follows from the familiar real balance, interest rate, and international effects, and these may be used to logically explain why aggregate demand may exhibit different price level elasticities.
For this reason, unexpected changes in inflation have a permanent effect on the price level.
This indicates that the house price levels in the Australian capital cities converge towards to the house price level in Sydney; however the house price level in Sydney could not reach a steady state.
Denmark had the highest price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages in the EU27 in 2012, at 143% of the EU27 average, followed by Sweden (124%), Austria (120%), Finland (119%), Ireland (118%) and Luxembourg (116%).
The report said that in 2012, the price level of a comparable basket of food and non-alcoholic beverages was more than twice as high in the most expensive EU27 Member State than in the cheapest one.
A sustained and rapid rise in housing prices over successive quarters remains an area of concern from the standpoint of their possible spillover to demand pressures and the general price level as well as financial stability.
If prices start rising faster than a prespecified rate, policymakers must lower inflation in the future to get the price level back to the target.
Taken literally, price stability is a constant price level.
In general, our hypothesis is that the existence of these assets will impact the price level elasticity of aggregate demand.
Aten, economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), has calculated estimates of experimental price deflators for 2005 that may be used to adjust price level differences across 363 metropolitan areas and across all states and the District of Columbia.