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an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time

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There, with demand too weak to match productive capacity and interest rates at or near zero, a sustained fall in the price level means that real interest rates rise.
We examine the role of aggregate demand price level elasticity for the balance of trade when an economic expansion happens as a result of either an increase of aggregate demand or an increase of short-run aggregate supply.
The lowest price levels in the European Union for 2013 for consumer goods and services were found in Bulgaria - 48% of the EU average, according to Eurostat latest data.
PT is a regime that entails, above all, a commitment to undo the effects of shocks on the price level.
The house price level was also assumed to converge to steady ratio against the level of Sydney through distinct paths.
Denmark had the highest price level for food and non-alcoholic beverages in the EU27 in 2012, at 143 per cent of the EU27 average, followed by Sweden (124 per cent), Austria (120 per cent), Finland (119 per cent), Ireland (118 per cent) and Luxembourg (116 per cent).
It is an open question whether a central bank targeting the price level would have the same credibility, so that long-term inflation expectations remained well-anchored.
In the third step, these county price level estimates were aggregated for all states and 363 metropolitan areas.
This dynamic process of spending more when real cash balances exceed their desired level, and less when real cash balances fall short, is the principal way in which "too much money" leads to a higher price level and "too little money" to a lower price level.
The price level index is measured in relation to the EU average (EU = 100).
Deflation, if it is to have any meaning, has to refer to a generalized fall in the price level (just as inflation refers to a general rise).
Moreover, a substantial rise in bankruptcies would require a quite-significant overall reduction in the national housing price level because the vast majority of homeowners have built up substantial equity in their homes despite large home equity withdrawals in recent years financed by the mortgage market.
Under what is called price-level targeting, the long-run path of the expected price level is predetermined.
Overall the price level for Federal Reserve priced services will increase about 7 percent in 2005 from 2004 levels.
Segmentation of hammer prices by price level Top hammer price : USD6,200,000 <<Self Portrait>> (1967), sold by Christie's New York (May 11 2004) 90 % of hammer prices are under USD145,000 50 % of hammer prices are under USD8,336