price freeze

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a freeze of prices at a given level

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Among the products covered by the price freeze are canned goods, salt, coffee refills, evaporated and condensed milk, powdered milk, powder and bar soap, bottled mineral water and noodles.
As enforced by the department, "the price freeze application is for 15 days, commencing one day after the declaration.
To welcome the new year, we are offering a price freeze on rentals for new customers so they need not worry about rate increase once the Value Added Tax (VAT) charges take effect on 1 st January.
The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, which has its own regional equivalent of the DTI, is also covered by the price freeze.
Price freeze is the situation in which prices, or the price of a particular product, are fixed at a particular level and no increases are allowed.
The price freeze is a reward for long term loyalists sticking with Boro through some difficult years.
Mr Conn's predecessor, Sam Laidlaw, had warned last month that the threat of a price freeze could have pushed some suppliers into buying more energy in advance, limiting their ability to take advantage of lower wholesale gas prices.
He told Gulf News that customers can check what products are on the new price freeze list by inquiring staff at participating outlets.
As well as the price freeze, you will enjoy the following benefits: You can choose exactly the funeral you want, deciding everything in advance if you wish, even down to the kind of music you'd like.
The Birkenhead MP is calling on firms to match EDF Energy's commitment to introduce a two-year price freeze for all new and existing customers who pay through prepayment meters.
But it is no substitute for tougher regulation and the price freeze promised by Labour if they get into power.
com, which did the poll, said: "This research clearly identifies the British people are most in favour of an energy price freeze as a key Government policy.
The Labour leader will challenge the Tories and Lib Dems to back his plans for a price freeze to cover small firms as well as domestic customers.
Week after week, he denounced Labour's call for an energy price freeze to help families and businesses, but now apparently he supports a price freeze," Mr Miliband told MPs.
London Evening Standard/London Labour tensions over Ed Miliband's energy price freeze deepened yesterday as three-times election winner Tony Blair refused to support the policy.