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floor below which prices are not allowed to fall

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On that, the government should really scrap the Carbon Price Floor and start again.
However, Renewable UK's director of policy, Dr Gordon Edge, said: "Although it was good to see the Chancellor specifically naming renewables as a way to cut our energy costs, the freeze in the carbon price floor will chill the mood of some investors in clean energy projects.
This potential price floor could be tested should there be an (unexpected) easing in political constraints currently affecting supply.
Under the deal, struck in August, 70 per cent of Chinese solar panel suppliers would set a price floor and limit exports through the end of 2015.
Removing the price floor is unlikely to have a major impact on the profitability of domestic carriers, which have been struggling as the economy slows, said Haitong Securities analyst Yu Nan.
Precedo Capital Group and Continental Advisors, alleged that Twitter intentionally wanted to create an artificial private market wherein it could maintain its stock for 19 dollars per share, which would have allowed the company to set an artificial price floor of 17-20 dollars for its IPO, Wall Street Journal reports.
A rising price floor will dampen some potential homebuyers' appetites, particularly as recent gains bring many markets back into pre-bubble equilibrium.
The package will only compensate about two thirds of the additional costs within electricity prices for energy intensive industries from the EU emissions trading scheme and the carbon price floor.
All and sundry agreed about the main purposes of support price being market price stabilization and provision of price floor.
Saudi Arabia curbed production in an effort to defend a price floor for Brent crude of $100 a barrel, after having raised output to replace Iranian and Libyan crude that was missing from the market last year, said Robin Mills, the head of consulting at Dubai-based Manr Energy Consulting and Project Management.
And the move faces new legal obstacles, after an opinion issued by the European Commission which warns that the 50p price floor proposed in Scotland may breach EU free trade rules by curbing imports and urged the UK authorities to "abstain" from such measures.
OPEC faces a fierce price war to try and set a price floor close to $100 a barrel.
Its preferred oil price is $100 a barrel, a price it feels permits oil investment without hurting economic growth, while most in Opec want to defend $100 as a price floor.
Storage to Challenge 2012 Price Floor, provides additional analysis, revealing that low storage withdrawals in early winter and resulting record-high inventories will mean extreme downward pressure on prices in March and again later this fall.
In particular, businesses have complained bitterly about the controversial carbon price floor, which will come into force next year and impose financial penalties on firms that emit large volumes of carbon.