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floor below which prices are not allowed to fall

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Yet, the incumbent provider cannot price below $26 because the competitive price floor is established on the basis of the incumbent provider's actual forward-looking costs.
Given that the retail price floor established by RPM affords an attractive margin over the wholesale price, thereby enabling retailers to recoup the costs associated with the added resources required in their undertaking, an optimal amount of the special services will be forthcoming.
Tata Steel chief executive Karl Koehler told the Sunday Telegraph: "Unilateral taxes like the carbon price floor hurt competitiveness.
However, the impact of some of these measures, in particular the carbon price floor on businesses that require high volumes of energy, is set to be hugely damaging unless the stated plans are reformed.
These include the unilateral Carbon Price Floor, the impact of the European Emissions Trading Scheme on electricity prices and the consumer levy likely to be introduced to fund investment in low-carbon energy as part of the recently announced electricity market reforms.
APPLICATION OF THE IMPUTATION METHODOLOGY The imputation methodology sets the price floor for a LEC service.
So as the Budget approaches, I would urge the Government to consider the advantages of its current Carbon Price Floor mechanism to provide certainty into the 2020s, whilst it considers the longer-term options presented in the Helm review for carbon pricing and electricity generation more broadly.
Most coal is used by the large coal-fired power stations like Aberthaw and Drax, but the carbon price floor could force the reduced use, or possible closure, of such plants as early as 2020, and with them the UK coal industry as its main markets disappear.
A Treasury spokesman said: "The Carbon Price Floor was introduced to increase certainty and stability in the energy market, which is essential for new investment in energy generation.
Household energy bills are expected to rise by pounds 160 a year by 2030, while high energy-using firms will be hit hard by the controversial carbon price floor from 2013.
However, for manufacturers, despite the encouraging measures on investment the significant rise in energy bills threatened by the Carbon Price Floor is unwelcome.
With petroleum prices crossing $100+/barrel in March, and now that Iran is leading OPEC with no intention to lower the price floor on crude oil below $100/barrel, the US is now entering a 4th oil shock that will lead to unsustainable and unacceptable economic and oil supply situation that will compromise our energy, economic, and national security.
That will be down to the carbon price floor and a rise in tax on polluting power stations.
In the last Budget the Government announced the launch of a Carbon Price Floor, this comes on top the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme.
Their rival companies don't have to build in a carbon price floor to their plans.