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restriction on maximum prices that is established and maintained by the government (as during periods of war or inflation)

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A default five-year price control instead of the current eight-year period, as predicting some investment needs during the energy transition is harder over a longer period.
Ofwat published its new methodology for the forthcoming 2019 price control review (PR19) on 13 December 2017.
On the report of Price Control Magistrates police registered cases against Liaqat Khursheed, Mazhar, Irfan, Nauman, Yaqoob, Mohammad Irfan, Nasir Allah Ditta, Abdullah, Tahir Mehmood, Ghulam Abbas, Mohammad Ashraf, Nasr Hayat, Waqas Ahmad and others.
The questions to ask are: Has Price Control in its current format lead to increase in patient access, has the cost to the patient gone down?
According to a press release issued by District Officer Industries Syed Pervez Faheem Bukhari, special price control magistrates raided on 952 shops during the last month to check rates, quality and quantity of food items.
A spokesman of the city district government said here Monday that price control magistrates paid surprise visits to various markets, eatery shops, hotels and restaurants in Faisalabad and checked quality and sale of daily use items at 429 points.
Sudhansh Pant, joint secretary ( pharma), said that the price control mechanism is one of the tools to make medicines affordable.
A few people are determining the poultry products prices in the market which is against the consumers rights and new price control mechanism to facilitate the people is need of hour" Chairman PPA Dr Hassan Sarosh told the media.
GSK had sought an exemption from price control on grounds that 'Crocin Advance' was developed through indigenous research and development.
For example, although there is a strong lobby in US against price control, studies have shown that a US consumer pays an average of 20 per cent more than their Canadian counterpart.
Now there's another obstacle that possibly could thwart growth, particularly overseas: proposed price controls from China.
Following the price control scheme, the latest hit on UAE retailers comes in the form of instructions from the Ministry of Economy to stop charging commission on credit card usage, effective July 1 this year.
Current price controls could be extended for one year to provide an opportunity for the next price control to be developed, in line with reforms to the framework for economic regulation which is planned by the UK government.
Caputo recently sat down with University Business to talk about tuition, price control, the Higher Education Act, and accountability.
Table 1 summarizes the declines that would accompany various price control scenarios in the United States.