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(classical mythology) god of male procreative power and guardian of gardens and vineyards

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En otro libro no menos ingenioso, In the image of Priapus (1996), Giancarlo Carabelli arroja bastante luz sobre ese tema cosmico y damianico.
The fig which in pagan classical tradition is connected to Priapus, represent in Christianity the leaves that Adam and Eve use to cover their nakedness after the Fall (Genesis 3: 7), in addition to Jesus' parable of the barren fig tree that explores the notion of repentance achieved thanks to forbearance and suffering (Luke 13:6-9).
tertian ague' that she has contracted thanks to Priapus, and
70) of The Essay, as Watkins and Cowell suggest, needs to be understood in this wider context--and in relation to Knight's public notoriety in the wake of the earlier publication of his The Worship of Priapus (1786), a study of ancient phallic cults.
I'm Priapus in an apiary: Watch dark feet slink, each ass swish.
He's aware that Western culture resembles a statue of Priapus, a madman so in thrall to his passions that to rescue him requires profound delicacy.
He shows links with demands for social justice, sacrifice, gleaning and charity, John the Baptist and his severed head, Priapus, locusts, the 'reap what you sow' expression, and retribution.
46) Karen Bassi 1998:139 makes the sobering observation that 'while Priapus, satyrs, and the ithyphallic comic actors evoke laughter, the hyperbolic exposure of the phallos as costume is the overt concealment of the real thing, an overdetermined apotropaic gesture against emasculation'.
Ariadna: Bacchus bonus fuit mihi, sed Priapus melior.
Like Priapus before them, institutional investors are learning that too much of a good thing is less than ideal.
He also uses Lou's account of the events to develop amusingly the novella's phallophobia, as Lou describes Rico in those absurd pajamas that extravagantly display a priapus logo.
8) Die Bezeichnung Priapeia wurde von Hanns Fischer in Anspielung auf Priapus eingefuhrt, den antiken Gott der Fruchtbarkeit.
The newly discovered specimen is only the 22nd known priapiumfish, which are named after the ancient Greek fertility deity, Priapus, the Daily Mail reported.
THYRSIS A bowl of milk, Priapus, and these cakes, are all thou canst expect year by year; the garden thou watchest is poor.
On the contrary, he comically heightens the incongruous mismatch of high form and popular content, suggesting that the intercourse he stages between high and low is no more fructifying than that of his Lady Chatterley-like "Duchess" and his working-class Priapus "Tinker":