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Synonyms for prevision

a prophetic vision (as in a dream)

Related Words

the power to foresee the future

seeing ahead

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While this superadded consciousness of the actual was almost constant with me, I had never had a recurrence of that distinct prevision which I have described in relation to my first interview with Bertha; and I was waiting with eager curiosity to know whether or not my vision of Prague would prove to have been an instance of the same kind.
I shuddered with horror as the scene recurred to me; and it recurred constantly, with all its minutiae, as if they had been burnt into my memory; and yet, such is the madness of the human heart under the influence of its immediate desires, I felt a wild hell-braving joy that Bertha was to be mine; for the fulfilment of my former prevision concerning her first appearance before me, left me little hope that this last hideous glimpse of the future was the mere diseased play of my own mind, and had no relation to external realities.
An interesting discussion of the question whether instinctive actions, when first performed, involve any prevision, however vague, will be found in Lloyd Morgan's "Instinct and Experience"
SuperCom Ltd (NASDAQ: SPCB), a global provider of secure solutions for National ID, Public Safety, HealthCare, and Finance sectors, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Cyber Security company - Prevision Ltd.
L'attaquant de l'Olympique Lyon, Rachid Ghezzal, ne cache pas son optimisme en prevision de la premiere confrontation face a la Tanzanie.
SuperCom announced plans to buy Prevision as part of its strategy to provide complimentary security products and solutions to its rising customer base.
Le gouvernement avait bati son budget 2013 sur une prevision de croissance de 0,8%, qu'il a ramenee en avril a 0,1%, un niveau considere comme encore trop optimiste par les economistes.
com/), today announces the launch of PREVISION Executive Futures Forum, a series of private lectures that bring together the UK's business leaders with experts in politics, industry and academia, to explore and gain the foresight to make informed IT investments.
Il s'agit specifiquement de s'appuyer sur les donnees quantitatives en matiere de prevision, de maniere a interpreter les tendances a long terme d'un phenomene particulier.
Despite its smaller size, Futuro has outperformed the Prevision fund.
NEW YORK -- Concept Capital, a leading institutional broker and total solutions provider for global investment managers, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Prevision Policy, LLC for in-depth regulatory and policy analysis of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the biopharmaceutical sector.
Les Verts ont entame, dimanche dernier, leur preparation au centre technique national de Sidi Moussa en prevision de la double confrontation avec la Tanzanie.
SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB), a leading provider of Electronic Intelligence Solutions for e-Government, Public Safety and Mobile Payments announced today its intent to acquire Prevision Ltd.
Les forces de l'ordre se sont parallelement repandues en face du Conseil des ministres et aux alentours, en prevision de l'eclatement d'actes de violence, suite a ces appels.
Conwy Council transferred it on the prevision it would be improved.