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a motion calling for an immediate vote on the main question under discussion by a deliberative assembly

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Answering the same general previous question with special emphasis on how to deal with pilgrims coming from Yemen amid the war-stricken country, including the positions of those who oppose Saudi-supported legitimacy in Yemen, the Crown Prince cited his previous answer that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes all pilgrims who come to attend the ritual of Hajj from any country in the world.
But McGhee believes Watt's head is now in the right place after previous question marks over the frontman's attitude.
Yet, in a previous question, we already determined the AI could not be trusted and that we were in a left turn.
Only a slight re-working of the previous question but, seeing as he we are unlikely to get a definitive answer to the first, the next best thing is to try and establish the likely timeframe for one.
c) I find it difficult to answer the previous question.
He indicated that the previous question was inadmissible in committee.
Based on the previous question, what sorts of challenges did you encounter in getting where you are?
He noted in an answer to a previous question that medallion values remained higher now than they were in 2011 and 2012, and this reflected continued public support of the yellow cab industry.
To shut down the filibuster by pro-abortion senators, the senate used the rare procedural maneuver of calling for the previous question.
The only previous question marks circling Rory had centred on his mentality.
While answering the next question, one will have to give an undertaking that the correct answer of the previous question has been communicated to at least 10 people and that all of them have agreed to spread the message further.
Some scholars attribute the persistence of obstruction in the Senate to the fact that the formal rules of the Senate do not explicitly provide for a previous question motion.
TIED in with the previous question, what squad strengthening do you reckon is required if the Bluebirds are to return to the Premier League.
This brings us to our previous question - whether the industry stalwarts would ever be friends again.
Question asked of those in a previous question who said they were poor (12 percent) or working class (28 percent) Very likely you will be middle class in next five to seven years 19% Fairly likely 10 Somewhat likely 30 Not likely at all 39 Note: In a Pew Research Center survey from 2008, 25 percent described themselves as lower middle class or lower class.
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