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Synonyms for plan

Synonyms for plan

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

a method used in dealing with something

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

to set the time for (an event or occasion)


to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for plan

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Preventive Care Plans include personal disease risk indexes and suggest specific actions to reduce risks; recommend steps to enhance lifestyle and prevent injury; and follow up with emailed reminders for health management.
Banfield hospitals offer a full range of comprehensive medical services, computerized medical records, preventive care plans for pets and extended operating hours.
WASHINGTON -- Seemingly divided, the Supreme Court struggled Tuesday with the question of whether companies have religious rights, a case challenging President Barack Obama's health overhaul and its guarantee of birth control in employees' preventive care plans.
Banfield hospitals offer a full-range of comprehensive, medical services, computerized medical records, Pet preventive care plans, extended operating hours, and is the only veterinary practice in the world with an extensive quality assurance program.
Gordian's MYeDOC program is a state-of-the-art online patient education tool that delivers personalized, culturally competent and interactive preventive care plans that integrate disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, self care and injury prevention.
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