preventive attack

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a strike that is carried out in order to deter expected aggression by hostile forces

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9] Preventive attack and preventive war designate proactive measures taken by a threatened nation to eliminate an anticipated threat.
Note that this analysis, although it discusses the war power in terms of a preventive attack, still is focused on where the war power lies, that is, whether the President has the power to act without Congress.
The moral questions he raises are, and should be, crucial to policy makers, but his framework is more suitable as an after-action analysis than as a guide to preventive attack.
Some Russian politicians and generals have said Poland must be prepared for a preventive attack on the site in the future.
The purpose of this RAND study is to answer three central questions that arise in light of this doctrinal change: 1) under what conditions is preemptive or preventive attack worth considering or pursuing as a response to perceived security threats?
Striking first; preemptive and preventive attack in U.
Preventive Attack and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Comparative Historical Analysis, Lyle J.
A preventive use of military force, often referred to as a preventive intervention, is force designed to prevent an expected aggression--that is, an aggression expected to come sometime in the future from the target of the preventive attack.
The United States' insistence on carrying out a preventive attack on Iraq in the face of opposition from the U.
Hence, he formally regarded preventive attack as self-defense in dealing with terrorists.
In the long run, though, the preventive attack strengthened Saddam's grip on power at home and animated his military ambitions to try harder--in the name of defense.
For the United States, with military might second to none, preemptive, preventive attack may be a convenient rationale.
Even with a victory, we believe that the medical, economic, environmental, moral, spiritual, political and legal consequences of an American preventive attack on Iraq would undermine, not protect, US security and standing in the world.
Thus, the issue of preemptive and preventive attack always involves a judgment as to the nature of the world--in the Old West it made sense-- and the particulars of the case.
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