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Synonyms for preventative

intended to prevent

defending against disease

Synonyms for preventative

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Manhattan, Lawrence or Topeka drivers as well as those in surrounding areas are encouraged to learn more about the automotive repair and preventative services available at Briggs Auto.
With the availability of preventative services such as patient education systems, wellness programs, and remote monitoring devices, consumers can begin to establish better health through improved lifestyle habits," concluded Shetty.
Investing in preventative care also means millions of pounds will eventually be saved as fewer people need intensive and expensive support.
The researchers said that the findings linking masculine beliefs with avoidance of preventative healthcare did not necessarily apply to men in low-status, stereotypically male jobs.
There is a danger that the preventative claim advertising will not educate the public and, even worse, may be false and misleading.
Over time, everyone in Britain will have access to the right preventative health check-up.
Although preventative maintenance makes sense to everyone, there are many different avenues that lead to the same destination.
Up until this introduction of TopChoice, professional products dealing with fire ants tended to be curative, not preventative.
An FMEA can reduce or eliminate the chance of implementing a preventative or corrective change that would create an even larger concern.
Problems can be taken care of when they arise, but what about preventative care?
Another popular approach, minimizing testing of preventative controls, also generally will not be advisable in these audits.
B&H Labeling Systems has introduced its new Preventative Maintenance Programs, which are value-added services offered to support all B&H labelers.
TORONTO -- Ninety-four out of 105 babies who may have been exposed to tuberculosis at the Hospital for Sick Children were put on preventative treatment in April.
SafeSeal, a rust preventative designed to safeguard mold finishes during long storage periods, is now being stocked by IMS Co.
Homeowners in 18 states who are eager to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of their major home appliances and systems can now take advantage of professional preventative maintenance plans launched this month from American Home Shield, a business unit of The ServiceMaster Company, one of the world's largest residential and commercial service networks.