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  • verb

Synonyms for prevaricate




  • be direct
  • be frank
  • be straightforward
  • be blunt
  • come straight to the point
  • not beat about the bush

Synonyms for prevaricate

to stray from truthfulness or sincerity

to make untrue declarations

Synonyms for prevaricate

be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information

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The charity said: "Derek died while they prevaricated and other care home residents could be having bad experiences.
The police service has long prevaricated to understand this.
Mr Askham, 52, said: "For two months they prevaricated through red tape, gobbledegook and misleading information.
Yet, scandalously, British governments have prevaricated and stuck to the indefensible line that it was complete coincidence that 20,000 men exposed to radiation suffered from so many similar, terrible illnesses.
Chris Kaufman, T&G national secretary for food and agriculture, said Grampian had prevaricated after an earlier ballot was suspended for a month to extend talks.
It seems that Westminster has prevaricated for so long, this variety will be outdated by the time it can be sown.
Mr Byrne is still smarting over accusations that he prevaricated for months before taking France to court for refusing to import British beef.
Kelly, having sent a letter charging Shearer, told Newcastle to hide it in a drawer while he and the FA prevaricated.