prevailing westerly

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the winds from the west that occur in the temperate zones of the Earth


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Those places, with more area exposed to the warmth of the sun and less to the prevailing westerly wind, are easier to heat.
A new back tee has made this a fearsome tee shot against the prevailing Westerly wind.
Designed to take full advantage of its location, the buildings create substantial savings of resources by using natural light and the prevailing westerly breeze.
Our concern is that the prevailing westerly wind will transport any hazardous material, if a faulty process occurs, which could result in contaminants being deposited on residential properties a mere 500 metres away.
One of the keys in wind power is having a long flat surface with prevailing westerly winds" surrounded by a high escarpment and good electricity connections.
The weakness of the prevailing westerly winds over Japan may have caused the typhoons to move north without changing direction eastward from the Japan Sea,'' agency officials said to explain why no typhoons hit Japan this year.
More business means more dirty air and, thanks to prevailing westerly winds, many more hours of stinging eyes and sore lungs for all those who live in the pollution's path.
The prevailing westerly winds or "westerlies" are a well-known feature of the wind distribution.
Prevailing westerly winds have carried acid gases toward the Sudeten Mountains, where nearly 75 percent of the forests have been either destroyed or adversely affected, and other acid deposition is affecting poorly buffered soils over a wide area of the European Community.
Prevailing westerly winds whirl across the short, steep slopes and contribute to the region's nickname, Connecticut's Icebox.
Taking advantage of its location, the buildings allow substantial energy savings by using natural light and the prevailing westerly breeze.
Lime kilns and windmills dotted the landscape swept, then as now, by the prevailing westerly winds bringing the tang of the open sea inland.
Fly anglers are advised to try Cronkley, but if conditions allow the Tower is an excellent place to start as the prevailing westerly winds often force fish into this corner.
The site was chosen carefully when it was first built, because it is sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds by the bulk of Dinas Head and the cliffs above Cat Rock.
The River Mersey was particularly hazardous with its strong, racing tides and prevailing westerly winds.